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Betts Proudly Stands Up in Support of Connecticut Law Enforcement

Posted on August 21, 2020 by admin


As the State Representative of Bristol and Plymouth, it is my job and responsibility to stand up and fight for my constituents when they have been wronged or portrayed in an unfair way.

In my opinion, one such group are the police officers from Bristol and Plymouth.

The attempt to portray and imply a linkage to the police officers from Bristol and Plymouth to the horrific and unlawful behavior of a few police officers from other parts of our nation is unfair and wrong.

Our local police are a major reason why our communities are safe and have had a very low crime rate for years. Surely, feeling safe and protected is a high priority for all of us. We should never take for granted the hard work and training officers undertake to ensure we are safe.

I believe the people who live and work in our communities view our officers as different from what is reported on the news and media. Our police officers are seen walking downtown, patrolling areas on bike, and they participate in numerous community charities.

In my opinion, our law enforcement is committed to being accessible and supportive, and they strive to have good relationships with the people, our businesses, and with the hospital employees at Bristol Hospital.

I certainly agree and strongly support the goal that nobody should feel targeted or scared. However, meeting that goal, and providing better police training and accountability for any law enforcement official who abuses their position and power can be effectively achieved through education, good communication, and strong leadership.

I am proud and grateful to our community police departments and staff; they should never be falsely linked or compared to the few officers that should never had been hired and frankly are criminals.

State Representative Whit Betts
78th District, serving the communities of Bristol and Plymouth