State Rep. Harry Arora: Is a temporary gas tax cut enough?

Posted on March 25, 2022

Energy costs for CT consumers have been rising over the last year. High prices of gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, and power are creating hardship for Connecticut residents. Yesterday, we voted and passed a temporary cut in gasoline taxes of 25c per gallon from April to June. I believe this gas tax cut is an inadequate response to the crisis we face. We need a structural change in our energy policy. While I am skeptical of this short-term measure, I still prefer it over nothing and voted for it.

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State Rep. Harry Arora: State Capitol Update on 8-30g & State Taxes

Posted on March 8, 2022

The CT legislative session is underway, and there is robust debate in various committees and public hearings. Below are some bills which have seen significant public participation.

Study of affordable housing policies and reform of 8-30g: SB 169 proposes a study of current affordable housing legislation and reform of 8-30g. Developers use the 8-30g regulation to bypass local zoning and build multi-family high-rise units. I believe this regulation needs urgent reform. This reform is opposed by legislators

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