State Rep. Harry Arora: Please Take My Short Survey on the Governor’s Emergency Powers and More

Posted on January 24, 2022

The Governor will convene the CT state legislature’s regular session on Feb 9th, 2022. Connecticut alternates between a short session in even-numbered years (like 2022) and a long session in odd-numbered years when we pass the biennial budget. Below are some of the important issues which will come up during this session. Please take this short survey to share your thoughts on Governor’s emergency powers and other issues.

Governor’s Emergency Powers:  The Governor has exercised emergency powers for the last two years and has issued executive orders to respond to COVID. Last Friday, he asked legislators to extend those emergency powers further. HERE is the letter he sent the legislative leadership. This issue will come up on the opening day of the session. It was expected that the Governor’s emergency power and the related executive orders would expire on Feb 15th. I believe that the COVID emergency is over and the legislature should assume its full role.

Energy policy focused on affordability, reliability, and sustainability: Our electric prices have been revised this year due to higher natural gas prices. I am advocating with the energy committee to suggest ideas to reduce prices and increase affordability. High energy prices burden consumers and make businesses and factories in our state uncompetitive.

State-wide zoning: Our community is under pressure to cede zoning control and promote higher density development. A state-wide group is advocating for 1/8th acre minimum lot size. That means that any two acres of land can build 16 townhomes by state zoning rights. Town zoning would have no authority to stop the 16-condo unit next door if such a law is passed.

Do you wish to propose new legislation? As a state representative, I can propose legislation on your behalf. If you have an idea you would like to suggest, please email me your idea. I thank many constituents who have already reached out to me with their suggestions.

Please take this survey to provide me your input on these issues.