State Rep. Harry Arora: Delta infections spiking, now what?

Posted on December 13, 2021

In recent days, we have seen a spike in delta variant infections in CT and other parts of the country. Fortunately, this time residents in our community have the tools – vaccine, testing, masks to manage their risk. Our healthcare system is better prepared to treat patients who contract the virus. The policy response to the recent spike has rightly excluded new restrictions or mandates. However, residents in our community must understand the increased risk and take more precautions and preventative measures to ensure our hospital system does not get overwhelmed. Here are the details:

The spike in delta variant infections is significant and concerning. The positivity rate, hospitalizations, and deaths have all risen in the last three weeks. Click HERE to see the charts which clearly show the trend. While we are all exhausted and want COVID to be over, we must see the data the way it is. All data trends point to increased infections, hospitalizations, and deaths over the next few weeks.

We have various tools available to control this spread. Vaccines and boosters have been shown to reduce the probability of infection and severe disease. Three-quarters of all hospitalizations come from 25% of the population, which is unvaccinated. Masks, especially N95s, can be effective in crowded situations. Recent research clearly shows that N95 masks provide much more protection than cloth masks. Early testing can help in controlling the spread. This virus is more harmful to the elderly. Hence our seniors need to take extra precautions regarding social distancing, boosters, and mask-wearing. While most of us are attending large events and parties, discretion is in order. Adopting a prudent personal strategy based on one’s age and social activities can go a long way in controlling the spread and reducing harm from this virus.

Exhaustion or not, we cannot allow our hospitals to be overrun. Our government has exhibited overreach by relying on mandates rather than advisories. Some of these mandates have been very divisive. It is important that our community now act by their own choice with the appropriate action. We have 585 people hospitalized, up by three times over the last four weeks as of Friday. That trajectory (tripling every four weeks) needs to be slowed down by our preventative actions