State Rep. Harry Arora: State policy decisions regarding masks, vaccines and school reopening

Posted on August 20, 2021

State policy decisions regarding masks, vaccines and school reopening

Dear friends and neighbors,

Below are the key policy decisions regarding masks, vaccines and remote-school option made by the state government. These policies apply to both public and private schools in CT.

Continued mask mandate for all students for the first month
The Governor has announced the continuation of the mask mandate (from last year) for at least the first month of the school year. The Governor’s emergency authority extends to September 30th. Based on COVID spread at that time, the Governor may seek additional authority to extend the mandate.

Vaccine mandate (with testing opt-out) for all K-12 and early childhood teachers and staff
The Governor has issued executive order 13D mandating all K-12 and early childhood education teachers and staff be vaccinated against COVID-19 by Sep. 27 or be required to follow a testing option. Employees who choose the testing option instead of the vaccine will have to test weekly. In addition to teachers and school staff, this executive order also applies to other state employees.

No remote option available this school year
There will not be any remote option this school year and all students will be required to be in person school. However, districts are being asked to provide assistance and tutorials to those who cannot come in person because they are quarantined or in an immunocompromised household.

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) will be hosting a  webinar for parents and families on Monday August 23rd, 5 PM to answer questions about what to expect and how to prepare for a safe and successful return to school. Click HERE to register.