State Rep. Harry Arora & House Republicans Unveil Plan to Address Juvenile Crime

Posted on August 11, 2021

In response to the rise in juvenile crimes across the state, I have joined my House Republican colleagues in continuing to call for juvenile justice reforms through “Prevention, Accountability, Rehabilitation,” a comprehensive plan we’ve proposed to provide these juvenile offenders with a path for rehabilitation, while also focusing on the personal responsibility aspect for these crimes.

We are calling for our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to convene a special session in order continue these discussions and finally address the issue.

These proposed reforms include:

  • Implementing victim impact panels and juvenile delinquency hearings;
  • Electronic monitoring for juveniles arrested while awaiting trial on previous offenses;
  • Expedited arraignment for felonies, a sex assault, offense involving use of a firearm;
  • Court-ordered Family Support Services intervention at juvenile court arraignments;
  • Expand circumstances in which a matter is automatically transferred to regular criminal docket;
  • Create a new offense of “larceny of a motor vehicle” not tied to the value of the vehicle.

More proposals, with greater detail, can be found at

To watch today’s press conferences, click the image below.