Arora: Let’s Provide Some Relief to the Business Community

Posted on April 7, 2021

HARTFORD—State Rep. Harry Arora on Wednesday joined leaders of Connecticut’s business community in calling for state government to use federal pandemic aid to reduce the amount of unemployment debt employers will have to pay back as they work toward recovery.

“Businesses across the state are just trying to get on their feet and full reopening after the pandemic. Let’s help them out now with some relief given to the state by the Federal Government,” Rep. Arora said. “Reducing the size of the loan balance now will reduce the amount they have to pay back.”

Representatives of the state’s two largest business advocacy organizations, CBIA and NFIB, joined the Connecticut Restaurant Association on Wednesday in a news conference where they urged the governor and legislature to act on the state’s unemployment debt crisis. Together, the advocates pointed out that other states have already used some pandemic relief aid to reduce unemployment debt.

Rep. Arora, the Ranking Member of the Labor and Public Employees Committee, said he strongly supports the House Republican proposal that would have the state use federal aid for this purpose.  (HB 5607)