State Reps. Arora and Fiorello Respond to New Haven Mayor’s Unfounded Assertions About Greenwich Zoning Practices

Posted on March 17, 2021

GREENWICH – Greenwich State Representatives Kimberly Fiorello and Harry Arora responded to New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker’s comments during a public hearing on Monday where he claimed that Greenwich and other towns actively use their zoning laws and regulations to prevent people of color and low income individuals from moving into their respective communities. The hearing, held by the legislature’s Planning and Development Committee, invited public testimony on several bills related to local zoning.

“Mayor Elicker’s inflammatory statement is a gross mischaracterization of Greenwich and other towns,” said Rep. Fiorello. “This baseless accusation is purposeful in pitting neighbor against neighbor. This rhetoric cannot go unchallenged. If he has proof that Greenwich or any town or city is actively using zoning laws to discriminate, I urge him to go to the proper authorities. If he does not have proof, then he must issue an apology retracting his statement. I would like to inform Mayor Elicker and anyone else who has preconceived notions about Greenwich, that the people of Greenwich come from all different walks of life, each adding to the depth and humanity of our town. I have faith that, as a leader, Mayor Elicker will do the right thing, as I am sure he would not appreciate such aspersions cast on his city, which is so rich in history and community.”

“I denounce New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker’s malicious remarks during this week’s public hearings, calling, my town – where my family and I call home – a racist community without any corroboration or proof. As the mayor of the second biggest city in Connecticut, Mayor Elicker’s comments are outrageous and completely irresponsible,” said Rep. Arora. “As a state lawmaker, who happens to be a minority, I call on the mayor to issue a formal apology to Greenwich and its proud residents. I love my community and the diverse people who reside here. If Mayor Elicker truly wishes to address the important issue of affordable housing in Connecticut, I invite him to reach out so that we may work together in a collegial and collaborative manner to develop a solution that works for the entire state and truly brings the reform he advocates for.”