State Rep. Harry Arora: Important Public Hearing on Local Control of Zoning

Posted on March 12, 2021

A controversial bill (SB 1024) is one of many bills being heard that seeks to remove local control of zoning regulations. I urge you to oppose this bill to protect the autonomy of our municipalities.
The need for more diverse housing in Connecticut needs to be addressed, however the individual needs of each community (including cities, suburbs, and rural areas) must be considered. The effect of this legislative push will:

    • Eliminate local control over certain types of housing (location-based, accessory, 2+ units) and allow certain development to occur without a local public hearing;
    • Create new mandates (and costs) including training staff;
    • Affect the environment and drinking water statewide by ignoring the responsibilities of municipalities who host waterways, open space;
    • Impact traffic flow, parking demands;
    • Drive up residency at a rate which outpaces the capacities of local resources/services such as police, fire, and schools;
    • Overburden the public water and sewer infrastructure (if available);
    • Require access to public transportation (if available.)

Click here if you’d like to testify virtually (via Zoom.) The deadline to register is Sunday, March 14, at 3 p.m. Speakers are limited to 3 minutes of testimony.
To testify via email, submit testimony in a Word or PDF document to Include your name and the bill number you are testifying on.