State Rep. Harry Arora: Is this the beginning of the end of the pandemic?

Posted on February 8, 2021 by jdooley

Dear friends and neighbors,

We are starting to get good news on the COVID front. As things improve, there will be more consensus in opening schools and businesses. Here are the details:

  • COVID update: The number of COVID cases, hospitalizations, positivity rate, and deaths in CT have started coming down in recent days. HERE is the picture which very well captures what is happening. The national numbers are also showing improvement. This may be the beginning of the end of this pandemic. Restaurant curfew time has been extended by an hour to 11 PM. Places of religious worship have also been given more latitude. While individually these are small changes, together they portend well.
  • Vaccination update: As of Thursday, Feb 4th, 358,000 CT residents have received one or more doses of the vaccine. Half of those above 75 have already been vaccinated. HERE is the detailed vaccination update, by week and by age. On Wednesday, the administration indicated that the eligibility would be extended to the 65-74 age group in mid-February. The hospitals have immediate availability for those 75+, indicating that it is the right time to go to the next group. Please encourage anyone who is 75+ and has not received the COVID vaccine to make their appointment now.
  • New online DMV Renewal service: Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has launched a new service that will enable residents to renew their driver’s licenses and non-driver ID cards online without having to visit an office in-person. Eligible residents will receive an invitation by postal mail or email to complete their transaction online and make an electronic payment via credit or debit card. HERE is the press announcement
  • Legislative update: Thanks to all of you who filled last week’s survey on legislative issues. Please find HERE the survey results. Our community is opposed to a state property tax and not in favor of state-mandated zoning rules. HERE is a link to the legislative calendar. All public hearings are live on the CT-N network.

If you have input, questions, or if you would like to testify on any of the bills, please reach out via email, text, or phone. My cell is 203-571-9325