Rep. Arora: CT Vaccination Plan

Posted on December 9, 2020

The COVID vaccine is expected to be available in Connecticut next week. The Pfizer vaccine could be available as soon as the week of Dec 14th and the Moderna vaccine the week thereafter. In the first week, CT is expected to get 31,000 doses. Here are the quantities of the vaccine expected in CT. Each of these vaccines requires two doses administered 21 days apart. Here is an FAQ on vaccines which I found very helpful.

Below is a quick update on CT’s vaccination plans:

1. Vaccine strategy – The vaccination development and distribution strategy is being led by the Federal Government under Operation Warp Speed and funded by over $10 BN. from the CARES Act. The Federal government, in Oct 2020, asked each state to submit a vaccination plan following CDC guidelines. You can read Connecticut’s plan here.

2. Vaccine procurement, allocation and distribution – The vaccines will be procured by the Federal government and distributed to the states. The actual vaccination will be done in three phases. The first phase (1a) will start next week.
Phase 1a (to begin within the next couple of weeks) will include healthcare workers, nursing home residents and medical first responders.
Phase 1b (mid-January to late May) will include critical workforce, other congregate settings, adults 65 and up and anyone considered “high-risk” under age 65.
Phase 2, (early June), those under 18 and remaining residents over 18 would receive the vaccine.
Phase 3 will be a maintenance phase thereafter.

3. Vaccinations are voluntary – please let me know your thoughts by taking a 3-question survey HERE – The question I am asked most often is if the vaccine is mandated by the state or by the school system. The answer, as we stand today, is NO. This vaccination is being offered on a voluntary basis. However, experts from the CDC and other organizations are encouraging people to take this vaccine when it is offered to them. As per Johns Hopkins, we need 50% to 80% of our population vaccinated to build immunity as a society. Under current plans, we should get 50% vaccination sometime in late spring.

Please take this short 3-question survey about your views on the vaccine. I intend to share the results with decision makers at the state level to help them understand where our community stands on this issue.