COVID-19 updates/FAQ from Department of Labor

Posted on March 18, 2020

Dear friends and neighbors,

These are difficult times. As of last Friday, we are in a state of emergency and Governor Lamont has issued a series of executive orders to control the spread.

While we are still waiting on precise data, it appears that COVID-19 has a fatality rate of 10 times higher than that of flu and it spreads twice as fast, hence it could be 20 times more dangerous than the flu. It is critical that we contain the spread and flatten the curve. It is important all of us follow the guidelines and executive orders coming from our government regarding precautions, social distancing, and curtailing non-essential activities. Here is a link to the guidelines from the State of Connecticut, Town of Greenwich, and from the CDC.

As a result of these containment measures, a number of businesses are closed down for the next few weeks. The CT Department of Labor has created an FAQ regarding the processing of unemployment claims. The state and Federal government are working on various economic measures to provide aid to large number of firms and individuals who are being impacted as a result of these containment measures.

I will be communicating to you more often and forwarding you all the updates I get from our state government and state agencies. My communication will be focused on providing specific information I receive from state agencies and programs, which may help many of our residents.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding coronavirus, or would like more information about how our government is responding to this situation, please contact me at (860) 240-8700 or (203) 571-9325, or email me directly at







State Representative Harry Arora

151st General Assembly District