CARES Act: A Game-Changer for Our Economy

Posted on March 31, 2020

Dear friends and neighbors,

Last Friday, the Federal government enacted the CARES Act – a $2.2 trillion stimulus program to mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19. As we all know, a large part of our economy has come to standstill because of containment measures enacted at the state and federal level. A large number of people have lost their jobs and many businesses are truly hurting.

There are three ways this stimulus package will help individuals and businesses.

1) Payroll Protection Program

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Coronavirus Update: Four Key Elements of Our Response

Posted on March 24, 2020

Dear friends and neighbors,

As COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly across the country, there is a lot of anxiety and concern. Our town, state, and Federal government have mounted a strong, four-pronged approach.

1) Controlling Transmission through Social Distancing & Curtailing “Non-Essential” Activities

These measures are necessary to help flatten the curve and ensure we do not overwhelm our healthcare system. The governor has put new restrictions on non-essential businesses in Connecticut effective

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Governor’s Latest Executive Order Says “Stay Safe, Stay Home” – Effective Monday, March 23 at 8 PM

Posted on March 21, 2020

Dear friends and neighbors,

Our government is taking some unprecedented steps to fight this crisis. Here is the latest:

1. Governor’s Executive Order: “Stay Safe, Stay Home”

The governor has issued an executive order (EO 7H): “Stay Home, Stay Safe”. This EO imposes restrictions on non-essential businesses beginning 8:00 PM Monday, March 23rd through April 22nd, 2020. The governor can modify, terminate, or extend as necessary. This has been done to stop the number of infections in our state and

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Update from the Governor, Business Resources, and CDC Guidelines for Young People

Posted on March 19, 2020

Dear friends and neighbors,

As we deal with this crisis together, here are some updates from our government agencies.

1. Governor Lamont Latest Update (3/18) and FAQ

Please see the governor’s update as of last night pertaining to the indoor portions of shoppings malls, bowling alleys, and amusement parks. There is also an update on the state’s status on personal protective equipment, claification on take-out and delivery, and more. See links below for a list of all news releases and executive orders

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COVID-19 updates/FAQ from Department of Labor

Posted on March 18, 2020

Dear friends and neighbors,

These are difficult times. As of last Friday, we are in a state of emergency and Governor Lamont has issued a series of executive orders to control the spread.

While we are still waiting on precise data, it appears that COVID-19 has a fatality rate of 10 times higher than that of flu and it spreads twice as fast, hence it could be 20 times more dangerous than the flu. It is critical that we contain the spread and flatten the curve. It is important all of us follow the

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Swift and effective government action could help us overcome Coronavirus in weeks

Posted on March 11, 2020

Coronavirus is no longer just a threat abroad. It is a global pandemic that has reached the United States where, as of noon, March 8th, there have been 464 confirmed cases and 19 deaths. Italy, South Korea and Japan are the three developed countries with the most cases, and China, where this all started, has had the majority of infections and deaths. This is without doubt the most serious public health situation in recent times and has major economic implications. While anxiety remains high, it is

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An Update on the Coronavirus: Information from the Governor’s Office

Posted on March 2, 2020

Dear friends and neighbors,

Please find appended an email I received from the governor’s office sent to all state employees regarding the coronavirus. Considering there is a lot of concern, I thought I would share it with you.

While there is still a lot of uncertainty, it is good to know that our local, state and federal governments are working hard to contain it.

If you have any questions regarding this email or would like more information about how our government is preparing for the virus,

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