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Updated Youth Sports Guidance

Posted on January 19, 2021 by wroddy


As of Tuesday, January 19th, ‘low’ to ‘moderate-risk’ organized sports can resume practices in the state of Connecticut. Also, assuming COVID-19 metrics remain stable, the affected sports can also resume competitions starting February 1st.

  • Masks are required in Gyms, Fitness Centers, and during Indoor and Outdoor Sports by all participants, spectators, and coaches at all times, including active play.
    • However, where the nature of play is such that two or more athletes would not be expected to have any close contact (i.e., tennis singles, individual running on a track, etc.), athletes are not required to wear face coverings during the activity, although masks are still strongly encouraged (face coverings should still be worn at all times by individuals not engaged in the activity).
  • Only the necessary number of adults to hold practices and competitions shall attend, including no more than 1 parent/guardian per youth athlete, so long as the venue allows for 6 feet of social distancing of spectators, who must maintain social distancing and wear face coverings throughout the activity. Adult club/recreational sports with participants who are aged 21 years and older shall not have spectators.
  • League organizers and teams must cooperate with contact tracing efforts by state and local health officials. If league organizers and teams fail to cooperate, state or local health officials may discontinue a team or league’s sports activities.

For all the details on the state’s youth sports guidance, click the link below:

Updated Sports Guidance Summary