Rep. Ackert (R-8) Appointed Ranking Member of Labor and Public Employees Committee

Posted on December 13, 2022


HARTFORD — Last week, Representative Tim Ackert (R-8) was appointed Ranking Member of the General Assembly’s Labor and Public Employees Committee by House Republican Leader-elect Vincent Candelora (R-86). The role of a Ranking Member is to serve as the leader of the minority party in committee meetings and collaborate with Committee Leadership in proposing bills and legislation.

“I am so excited to begin the upcoming legislative term in a leadership role on the Labor & Public Employees Committee,” said Rep. Ackert. “Last session, I advocated for advancement of legislation that would eliminate hiring restrictions for state Apprenticeship Programs that currently hinder the hiring rates and overall program success. With this position, I am grateful to lead and re-raise this legislation, bringing more emphasis to concerns with labor opportunities and workplace safety resources.”

“Tim is one of the most experienced and well-respected legislators in the General Assembly,” stated Rep. Candelora. “His eloquence and commitment to researching all avenues for potential legislative solutions are what make him exceptional for his leadership role on the Labor Committee. Many Connecticut workers and small business owners are experiencing the immediate effects of skilled labor shortages. Being a business owner, Tim will bring a firsthand passion-driven perspective to this debate and many other state issues. I have full confidence in Tim to collaborate with local governments at the state level, as well as continue to foster necessary bipartisanship.”

The responsibility of the Labor and Public Employees Committee is to acknowledge legislative issues relating to “workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, conditions of employment, hours of labor, minimum wages, industrial safety, occupational health and safety, labor unions and labor disputes; all matters relating to the Department of Labor; and all matters relating to conditions of employment of state and municipal employees and the substantive law of state and municipal employees’ collective bargaining,” as described on the state website.

“I want to once again thank all those who have supported me, especially in the most recent November election,” added Rep. Ackert. “I look forward to exercising my experience and personal passion for addressing labor-related matters in this dynamic leadership responsibility.”

Rep. Ackert was re-elected on November 8th and will begin the 2023 Legislative Session in January. Aside from his position as Ranking Member on the Labor and Public Employees Committee, he will also be serving on the Energy & Technology Committee, Legislative Management Committee, and General Law Committee.