Rep. Ackert Sworn In for Fifth Term and Appointed Assistant Republican Leader

Posted on January 9, 2019 by admin


HARTFORD – On Wednesday, January 9th, State Representative Tim Ackert (R-8) took the oath of office for his fifth term as State Representative for the 8th District which includes the towns of Coventry, Columbia and portions of Tolland and Vernon.

“It’s an honor to serve the people of Columbia, Coventry, Tolland and Vernon for another two years,” said Rep. Ackert. “Last term we made important progress enacting new caps on spending and borrowing, this year we will need to defend these caps and continue fighting for long term changes.”

Rep. Ackert was also appointed Assistant House Republican Leader and member of the Bill Screening Committee. Additionally, Rep. Ackert will serve on the Energy & Technology Committee, General Law Committee and the Higher Education & Employment Advancement Committee.

“I am excited to take on a new role as Assistant House Republican Leader and work on the Bill Screening Committee,” said Rep. Ackert. “This year I will be a member of the General Law Committee which covers a broad range of issues such as occupational licensing, consumer protections and sales and trade practices. Additionally, I will be returning to the Higher Education and Employment Advancement and the Energy and Technology Committee. These committee assignments put me in a strong position to advocate for policies that will grow our economy and create jobs.”

The 2019 regular legislative session will run from January 9th until June 5th. Rep. Ackert can be reached at or (860) 240-8700.