Ackert Joins C. Ward Electric on Solar Installation Training

Posted on March 13, 2023


Earlier this week, Representative Tim Ackert (R-8) joined C. Ward Electric for a 1-on-1 solar installation training in response to recent concerns from fellow electricians, like Tim. Currently, the demand for solar panel installation on domestic property has become increasingly popular across our state. As utility costs continue to rise in Connecticut, reliance on solar power and energy has transformed the electrician trade.

“The trade is so bad now,” said Ackert, Ranking Member of the Labor and Public Employees Committee on Monday. “The new challenge is finding the electricians willing to climb roofs and install solar panels, especially since they rarely have the necessary carpentry or roofing experience. How do you solarize Connecticut when electricians aren’t trained to install these panels?”

Ackert, who has a firsthand perspective of the challenges facing electricians, arranged the training to find out the exact steps to installing solar panels without virtually any prior knowledge. Following the brief training and with safety measures taken, Ackert agreed that the panel installation and setting is the most difficult step of the process for electricians.

“Plugging the panels in is like plugging in an extension cord,” added Ackert. “At no point are you interacting with an electrical component that requires an electrician’s expertise. The electrical part is the safest and easiest part of this job. This new challenge is yet another reason why we need to support the needs of our trades at the state level, motivating more youth to become skilled workers.”

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