House and Senate Pass Republican No-Tax-Increase Budget


HARTFORD – State Rep. Lezlye Zupkus and her Republicans colleagues received bipartisan support early Saturday for the Republican no-tax-increase budget proposal that stabilizes municipal aid, rejects the governor’s destructive cuts to educational funding, and makes significant structural changes. The House of Representatives passed the bipartisan budget by a vote of 77 – 73.

“The bipartisan budget that we were able to pass will finally move our state towards fiscal stability and predictability,” said Rep. Zupkus. “Our budget provides real reforms and doesn’t ask taxpayers to continue to pay more and more in taxes every year. We delivered a solid budget proposal to the governor, and a veto to a bipartisan budget will send the wrong message to Connecticut residents and will send our state backward. The governor needs to stop playing partisan politics and sign the budget that is on his desk.”

Highlights of the GOP proposal include:
No increase or expansion of the sales tax.
No income tax increase, cell phone tax, or secondary home tax
Eliminates Social Security income tax and phases out the tax on pension income for middle-class families.
Rejects the governor’s shift of teachers’ pension cost onto municipalities.
Fully funds day and employment services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Changes include a spending cap, bonding cap, municipal mandate relief.

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Republican State Lawmakers Release Revised No-Tax-Increase Budget


Hartford – Yesterday, State Representative Lezlye Zupkus joined together with her Republican colleagues to release a revised two-year state budget proposal with no tax increases that would put a stop to the governor’s executive order, restore funding for education and core social services, and provide stability for towns and cities.

“We have said since the first day of session we would not support a tax increase budget, and have backed this statement up with another no-tax-increase budget proposal,” said Rep.Zupkus. “Passing a budget with tax increases will only set us back, not move us forward. Our proposal doesn’t balance the deficit on the backs of taxpayers; it prioritizes spending and makes structural changes, which is exactly what is needed to move our state forward.”

The revised budget proposal offered by Senate and House Republicans includes no tax increases and rejects the governor’s proposal to shift teacher pension costs onto towns and cities that would further burden municipalities and lead to increased property taxes. The Republican budget proposal combines elements of the Senate and House Republicans’ multiple prior budget proposals released earlier this year, feedback from Democrat lawmakers and the governor, and factors in the legislature’s passage of the state employee labor concessions deal that is now law.

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Rep Zupkus: Democrats back taxpayers into a corner


The state is now entering more than forty-five days without a budget in place, which has given the governor the ability to run the state’s finances without the legislature’s approval, and he has taken this opportunity to pursue his reckless budget agenda.

If we go any longer without a budget in place, our hard working middle-class communities will suffer the brunt of the governor’s cuts. But, sadly, there is no urgency from the House and Senate Democrat leaders to take over the budget reins from the governor, and the calls from Republicans to do so are being ignored.

Since January, Republicans have been willing to negotiate with Democrat leaders and have met with them over and over again to find common ground on a budget proposal. We have produced details of four no-tax-increase budget proposals, but still have not seen one completed budget document from the House or Senate Democrat Caucuses. When we ask to see their line-by-line budget, they ask us to exchange more ideas with them, which provides them more time and cover to avoid making difficult decisions.

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