Rep. Ziobron Applauds the Signing of the “Millstone Bill”


Hartford- Representative Melissa Ziobron (R-34) lauds the final passage and signing in to law of SB 1501 An Act Concerning Zero Carbon Procurement commonly referred to as the “Millstone Bill”. The bill was passed by the House 75-66-10 and in the Senate 23-8-5 and was signed into law by the Governor on Tuesday afternoon October 31st.

The legislation requires the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) and the Commissioner of the Department Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to conduct an appraisal of nuclear power generating stations and determine whether or not to pursue a competitive procurement process by February of 2018. By law, any decision undertaken by PURA must be in the best interest of the rate payers.

“I am very pleased that this legislation passed after being held up during the regular and special sessions. This is a proactive step that will help keep the Millstone power station viable at a time when nuclear power stations have closed and been replaced by natural gas power plants” said Rep. Ziobron. “Contrary to what opponents have been saying this is not a subsidy or a bailout. This legislation, if PURA recommends it, would allow Dominion, the owner of the Millstone Power Station to sell directly into the carbon free market and possibly deliver savings to rate payers. Dominion is a vital asset to our regional economy providing thousands of high paying jobs in our community and provides nearly half of our state’s electricity. I look forward to the results of the report and working to keep Dominion in Connecticut.”

A Historic Budget and Hopeful Future


I am relieved that after months of discussion and debate over the dire state of Connecticut’s finances we finally have agreement in the legislature on a state budget for FY2017-19.

The historic nature of this agreement cannot be overstated. To illustrate, just consider the events of the past session. Beginning in April the Republicans released a two-year budget before a state labor agreement (SEBAC) was reached. April ended with the Democrats failing to propose a budget in Committee. Next they chose to vote on SEBAC without a budget in place. In June, the Democrat majority adjourned without publicly presenting a state budget —the first time in history. Meanwhile, Republicans proposed TEN revised budgets—culminating in the GOP bipartisan budget passed out of both chambers, later vetoed. Then the GOP rolled up their sleeves, again; this time joined by Democrat leaders and helped negotiate a compromise budget to withstand Gov. Malloy’s veto. This second historic budget passed both chambers with veto-proof margins! You’ll be reading a great deal about this budget in the coming weeks, but here are a few highlights.

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