Rep. Zawistowski Celebrates the Launch of CRIS Access at Mark Twain Museum


(L ro R) Diane Weaver Dunne CRIS Executive Director, Pieter Roos Mark Twain House and Museum Director and Rep. Zawistowski

Hartford – Representative Tami Zawistowski (R-61) participated in the launch of CRIS (Connecticut Radio Information System) Access at the Mark Twain Museum on Thursday January 25th. CRIS Access makes use of QR codes, smart phones and improved signage to provide increased accessibility for those with low vision or print impairment. The process requires time and dedication from volunteers to record descriptions and narration of printed displays. Representative Zawistowski shared in her remarks a relevant letter from Helen Keller to Mark Twain from 1906 about philanthropy to assist the blind. As a rare bookseller in her private career, she is excited that more residents will have access to this literary landmark. CRIS Headquarters is located in Windsor, a town in part represented by Zawistowski. To learn more about CRIS Access, visit their website