Norwalk Citizens’ Police Academy Set for September


I want to make you aware that the Norwalk Police will, once again, host the popular six-week long Norwalk Citizens’ Police Academy course.

I loved taking this course two years ago and I learned so much about how the police hire, train, work and handle the difficult and varied challenges they encounter. The course gave me a fuller understanding and deeper appreciation for the work our dedicated police officers do upholding the law and protecting us.

This year, the course begins on Thursday, September 14, and is scheduled to meet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The program will last six weeks and includes a tour of police department headquarters, meetings and discussions with veteran officers, demonstrations on techniques and training methods used by the department and a ride-along with an on-duty officer, among other things.

Space is limited and advance registration is required.  For more information, or to register, please contact Norwalk Police Lt. Terry Blake at 203-354-3074.

Hartford Current – Watershed Moment with State Union Contract


Our Connecticut State Legislature is poised to make a truly historic choice; either dig our state out of a $5 billion biennial fiscal abyss responsibly or, once again, allow the state unions to reap asymmetrical benefits that significantly exceed both the private sector workforce and state employees from any other state in the country.  One of the most critical opportunities to change our state’s fiscal trajectory is here right now, with the renegotiation of our state union workers contract.

The state legislature has the responsibility of setting sound fiscal policy to help grow our state’s economy and stimulate equitable employment opportunities for all workers within Connecticut; not just reward those in state unions. There are currently 45,000 state union employees (and 45,000 retirees) representing 2.4% of the entire Connecticut workforce.  These union members serve within the departments of education, transportation, public safety, health, social services, consumer protection and motor vehicles et al., as well as staff all six constitutional offices.    Read More →

Wood Denounces “A Bad Deal for Connecticut” as SEBAC Labor Agreement Passes the House


State Representative Terrie Wood (R-141) voiced her dismay at Monday’s House approval of the state employees’ union concession package due to its insufficient savings and structural changes and its extension of the current union contract until 2027.

The concession package, negotiated by Governor Malloy and union leaders, was ratified by state employees earlier this month and now is tentatively scheduled to go before the Senate on July 31.  Analysts have predicted the plan could save approximately $1.5 billion over the next two years by increasing pension contributions, creating a hybrid/defined contribution plan for future state employees, increasing healthcare co-payments, and realizing other labor savings.  The deal also restricts the state’s ability to lay off workers until 2021.

House Republicans, including Wood, highlighted some of the structural change in the concession package as “steps in the right direction” that they supported, but denied the notion that the deal solved Connecticut’s fiscal crisis and indicated it could lead to funding cuts and tax increases in the future. Read More →

Rep. Terrie Wood: Capitol Update: July 24, 2017


Rep. Terrie Wood (R-141) gives an update from the House Chamber on the veto session of the House, the state of the budget and the action on the union agreement.  Click above to watch the message.

Hartford Current – July 13, 2017


On July 1st, Connecticut’s fiscal year started without legislative agreement on a budget.  This inaction occurred despite the fact that our state continues to face deeply complex and challenging fiscal hurdles to close a $5 billion biennial deficit.  The majority party in Hartford that brought us to this fiscal brink has failed to find a consensus even within its own caucus.

While a great deal of bipartisan work occurs in Hartford every year, the two parties have yet to find middle ground on how to create a responsible budget.  Many Democrats have focused budget priorities on greater spending, increased taxes and further growth of government.  Republicans have sought to keep tax rates at a responsible level, opting not to increase taxes and to lower/eliminate some like estate and gift taxes.  Each year, Republicans have pushed for more accountable and efficient government, specifically seeking to modify state union contracts and benefits… a goal Democrats have yet to embrace. Read More →