Rep. Tweedie Checks in With Local Business to See How They’re Faring the Budget Crisis

Posted on October 4, 2017 by admin


MANCHESTERState Representative Mark Tweedie (R-13), long-time customer of local building supply company Sanford & Hawley, Inc., visited the Manchester store last week to talk with Co-Owner Bob Sanford, Manager John Horoho and Lumber Dealers Association of Connecticut Lobbyist Carrie Rand about how the budget crisis is affecting their business.

Rep. Tweedie with Sanford & Hawley Co-Owner Bob Sanford (left) and Manager John Horoho (right) in Manchester.

“Everyone relies on business to keep our economy stable,” Mr. Horoho said. “With business declining and so much uncertainty surrounding the state budget, people are getting worn down and unfortunately we know we’ll be right back here next year. I do not envy [legislators’] jobs – but at some point you just have to sit down and face the tough decisions like we do in managing our business and employees. We don’t get to just say we’re expanding our business – we have to justify where the money is coming from – and so should our state government.”

“This is a big turning point for the future of Connecticut – a state that currently does not have the reputation of being business friendly,” said Mr. Sanford. “The abstract number of the deficit is lost on many people, which is a shame because a great deal of them are relying on pensions that might not be there for them when they retire. We ask the legislature to get something done to help Connecticut businesses stay open and competitive across the state.”