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Raising Awareness for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Posted on June 20, 2018 by admin


This Monday, my colleagues and I joined with the family and friends of Heather Mosher to bring greater awareness to Triple Negative Breast Cancer. On the day Heather was engaged to be married she was also diagnosed with breast cancer. After a yearlong struggle with her illness and while a patient at St. Francis Medical Center, she married David Mosher. Heather passed away 18 hours later on the one year anniversary of her diagnosis and engagement. And our gathering today holds special significance as June 18th marks the anniversary of the day Heather and David had their first date.

I did not know Heather personally, but her story is serving as an inspiration to many across our state and the country. Heather’s hope was not to be forgotten, to leave a legacy as a “beacon of light” to bring hope and awareness to the rare form of cancer that took her life, and to encourage others to work for a cure of this disease that affects so many in our country.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and 15%-20% of these cases are Triple Negative. This year an estimated 30,000 cases will be diagnosed and 10,000 women will die of the disease.

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