2018 Major Issues Report


Every year, before the legislative session begins, the non-partisan Office of Legislative Research (OLR) publishes a report on the major issues that could be taken up by the legislature. OLR provides brief descriptions on a number of topics, including but not limited to: the state budget, opioid drug addiction, education funding, and Connecticut’s business climate.

You can view or download the 2018 Major Issues Report HERE

Community Forum on Opioid Addiction and Awareness


On January 30th, I will be hosting a community conversation on the Opioid Crisis at the Windsor Locks High School beginning at 6:00 p.m. Panelists include the DHMAS Commissioner, Representatives of the Department of Justice, the Windsor Locks Police Department and Advocacy Unlimited. Please come join in this important forum to learn more about how we can address this alarming community issue. All members of the pubic are welcome.

Rep. Storms Votes to Restore Medicare Savings Program


On Monday, the legislature convened in special session to vote on restoring funds to the Medicare Savings Program (MSP). This program helps elderly and disabled people with eligible financial need to meet their Medicare co-pays, deductibles and premiums. The Governor initially proposed to reduce the income eligibility criteria to match the federal eligibility level. This adjustment was incorporated into the final budget, and although this level of income eligibility has been adopted by 45 other states, the adjustment left nearly one hundred thousand recipients without needed assistance.

I supported the restoration of MSP funding as I believe that caring for those unable to care for themselves is a core function of government. Despite challenging financial times, preserving our safety net for those most in need must remain a priority.  Today’s action maintains MSP funding through the current fiscal year ending June 30th.

I have deep concerns about future funding of MSP and other social programs as the current budget will require legislative action to mitigate a projected deficit in excess of 225 million dollars. Deficit mitigation is now scheduled to be taken up as the legislature convenes again in February for the regular short session and to make necessary budget adjustments.

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