Rep. Sredzinski and Sen. Kelly Update Monroe Residents on Latest Developments in State Budget Crisis

Posted on October 5, 2017 by rjoslyn


MONROE – State Representative JP Sredzinski (R-112) and State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-21) held an open discussion Wednesday on the stalemate in Hartford that has prevented the implementation of a state budget for the next two years.   

As a result of the governor’s veto of a budget the legislature approved in September, an emergency executive order went into effect on October 1st to fund necessary state expenses, albeit with significant reductions in education funding, town aid, and other core government services. 

Those who attended the budget forum at Monroe Town Hall questioned Monroe’s state delegation on why the budget process has taken so long and how it would affect them locally.  Sen. Kelly and Rep. Sredzinski also held an emergency budget forum on March 8th following the governor’s proposal to eliminate Monroe’s state funding and bill them for the cost of teacher pensions. 

“In March, Senator Kelly and I stood right here, and listened to 150 people ask us to ‘go and get our money back.  That is what we did by passing a budget with bipartisan support that fully restored municipal aid and education funding,” said Rep. Sredzinski.  “In spite of the setback of the governor’s veto and a difficult road to overriding it, I will continue to fight for my district until this crisis is resolved.  I strive to be a quality resource for information about events in Hartford, so I always appreciate a chance to go back to my district and help my constituents understand why things have happened this way and how it will affect them.  The people who came to the budget forum made it clear that the lack of a state budget was unacceptable and at this stage in the game we need to do whatever it takes to give towns the certainty they need to run effectively.” 

“I first want to thank all of my constituents who came out to the budget forum last night, people came with good questions and were engaged throughout the discussion,” said Sen. Kelly. “Despite Governor Malloy’s veto we must continue to work for a veto override to pass a budget, and to this day the bipartisan budget passed by the general assembly remains the only viable option. It is important to also note that without a state budget the state will operate under the governor’s executive order which will decimate our towns and cities, our education system, nonprofits, and you, the hard-working taxpayer. To be clear without the override of this veto teacher layoffs, a reduction of social services, property tax increases and school cuts are inevitable. That is why I will continue to push for a veto override. We must provide our Connecticut families with a solution that puts Connecticut on a new, sustainable path. The time for politics has long ended, we must all work together now and stand up to Governor Malloy and his failed vision for our state.”