Rep. Sredzinski Submits Petition to Reconvene for Special Session and Restore Cuts to Medicare Savings Program


HARTFORD – State Representative JP Sredzinski (R-112) rushed to sign a petition letter this week that asks the Secretary of State to reconvene the legislature for a special session in response to growing concerns over cuts made to the Medicare Savings Program (MSP) in the recently-adopted 2017-2018 state budget.  He expressed his desire for the legislature to commit to restoring funding for approximately 113,000 elderly and disabled people who would lose all or part of their health coverage because the two-year budget adopted by the General Assembly reduces the income eligibility limits for all categories of participants in the program, in many cases by as much as 50%.

“The General Assembly has a moral obligation to evaluate the harm these funding cuts will have on seniors and people with disabilities who rely on this program for their healthcare and then act as soon as possible to remedy this situation,” said Rep. Sredzinski.  “Because these vulnerable citizens will face instant and drastic increases in their healthcare costs next year, I petitioned the Secretary of State to convene the legislature before the end of the year.  This is a most urgent matter and we have no time to waste in voting on a way to make sure our seniors and disabled are not devastated by the cuts made to this program.”

On Tuesday, Rep. Sredzinski signed a petition letter to the Secretary of State’s office as an official recommendation that a special session of the General Assembly is necessary to address the MSP funding issue.  While the Department of Social Services (DSS) announced that it would delay implementation of eligibility reductions to the state’s MSP program until March 1, 2018, while it conducts a review of coverage alternatives, Rep. Sredzinski called the development “helpful in the short term, but absolutely not a solution or a reason for peace of mind for the 86,000 low-income seniors who would be disqualified from the program and the 27,000 who would have their coverage reduced.”  He also noted that many of these seniors might not qualify for alternative coverage.

House and Senate leadership are currently discussing the MSP situation and are considering whether to convene before the beginning of the regular session in February.

Rep. Sredzinski Presents Ideas on Potential Involvement of 9-1-1 Dispatch Centers in Mobile Integrated Health Systems at Legislative Working Group


HARTFORD – State Representative JP Sredzinski (R-112) was requested to give a presentation before a legislatively-mandated State of Connecticut working group on how 9-1-1 centers can be impacted by or have an impact on the concept of Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) Systems.  Also known as community para-medicine, MIH is the concept of sending a reduced emergency response to evaluate patients in a stable condition.  The General Assembly approved a measure to form a working group (Public Act 17-146, sec. 5) to make recommendations based on the benefits of MIH systems.

Rep. Sredzinski, who is also Ranking Member on the General Assembly’s Public Safety Committee, highlighted two central points in his presentation to the MIH working group:

  1. 9-1-1 Dispatch Centers can certainly play a role in MIH delivery as long as we implement the appropriate protocols, provide the right training, and don’t burden our communities with a responsibility they are not prepared to handle.
  2. 9-1-1 Dispatch Centers should be utilized as “triage determination centers” and not “call processing centers”, meaning we should not direct people to call them if they need an evaluation, but callers can be re-routed to the right place if determined to not need emergency care.

“As someone who has been working in the 9-1-1 Communications field for 18 years, I felt privileged to offer a presentation on a progressive concept in healthcare to this working group,” said Rep. Sredzinski.  “The adoption of MIH systems would require a paradigm shift in our state and it would take some time to get accustomed to, but I feel the potential outcome is well worth the effort.  If Connecticut can improve the public health system at the same time we are reducing costs, then that would be a true win-win.  I am pleased to have had the opportunity to play a small part in working toward that system.”

The working group convened on September 5, 2017 and will present its findings to the Public Health Committee of the General Assembly no later than January 1, 2019.

Thanksgiving Message from Rep. Sredzinski



 Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I want to take a moment to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you are able to celebrate this uniquely American holiday with family and friends by your side.

I have a special reason to be especially thankful this holiday since I celebrated my wedding this past Sunday.  It was a strong reminder of how important family is to me as well as our community and our state.  I hope that your holiday is filled with wonderful family moments as well!

You may be interested in attending the big annual Thanksgiving Eve football game in the 112th district between the Masuk Panthers and the Newtown Nighthawks.

Please consider coming out to support our local high school football teams this Thanksgiving week. Here are the details:

Newtown Nighthawks @ Masuk Panthers

Masuk High School, 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I hope to see you out there.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about any issue related to state government.


JP Sredzinski

State Representative for Monroe and Newtown

Rep. Sredzinski Achieves Perfect Voting Record for Each Year Serving in Legislature


HARTFORD – State Representative JP Sredzinski (R-112) has achieved a 100% voting record for the third straight year, meaning that he has not missed a roll call vote on the floor of the House of Representatives in his three years serving in the legislature. The House Clerk’s office released the data on House members’ voting record this week, verifying that he recorded a vote for every one of the 417 roll call votes called in the House for the 2017 Regular and Special Sessions.

“While I am certainly not looking for congratulations for simply doing my job, I feel it is important that the residents of the 112th district know that their voice is always present at the State Capitol,” said Rep. Sredzinski.  “Especially this year, when the regular session and special session lasted 11 months long, I want Monroe and Newtown to know I have been able to maintain my perfect 100% voting record since being first elected in 2014.”

A perfect voting record is difficult to achieve given the sheer number of roll call votes and the fact that Connecticut legislators commute to Hartford from their districts; only one-third of Rep. Sredzinski’s colleagues were able to record the same feat.

The next regular session of the General Assembly will convene in February of 2018.

Rep. Sredzinski Demands Answers from State Utility Companies at Public Hearing after Storm Response


HARTFORD – State Representative JP Sredzinski (R-112) reviewed state utility companies like Eversource on their responses to the windstorm at the end of October that left 100,000 residents statewide out of power for multiple days. On Wednesday, the General Assembly’s Energy and Technology Committee called a public hearing to assess whether or not utility companies followed minimum performance standards for emergency preparation and response.

Rep. Sredzinski spoke about the impact of their response to Monroe and Newtown, noting that several local neighborhoods endured power outages lasting more than three days.

“While the storm we faced on October 29th certainly wasn’t catastrophic to Monroe and Newtown, there were a number of utility customers in my district that faced extended power outages, some for more than three days, said Rep. Sredzinski.  “It is incumbent for me as a State Representative serving on the Energy & Technology Committee to maintain proper oversight on our utility companies, especially when they seek rate increases on a consistent basis.”