New Fairfield, Sherman, New Milford and Danbury

Rep. Smith: Storm Recovery Update

Posted on July 3, 2018 by rjoslyn


As our communities continue to recover from the unexpected and devastating storm that hit our part of Connecticut in May, I wanted to update you on the status of storm recovery efforts and clarify the degree of anticipated help from FEMA.

Here are the estimates of the storm damage I received from New Fairfield (subject to change):

  • Debris Removal (assumes 50,000 yards of chipped debris, final disposal  and monitors)  $3,250,000.00
  • Storm Related Costs (Shelter, overtime, equipment, fuel, etc. as of 6/15)  $144,000.00
  • Estimated Home Damage (provided by approx. 220 homeowners, includes property damage estimates and tree removal estimates) $2,500,000.00


In the Town of Sherman, $50,000.00 – broken out by public roads and does not include volunteer hours.

New Fairfield, Sherman, and New Milford have each hired contractors and cleanup is underway.

  • Sherman has finished clearing debris from all town roads and some private roads
  • New Fairfield’s debris removal began on Monday and is estimated to continue until August 8, though this could change
  • In Danbury, cleanup is expected to begin after the Fourth of July holiday


Officials in New Fairfield, Sherman, New Milford and Danbury have been in touch with FEMA in regards to obtaining federal assistance for public land, roads and utilities.We hope to know soon how much FEMA funding each town will qualify for.

Private/non-profit organizations can also attempt to secure federal assistance for disaster management and recovery.  Visit this link for information from the State of Connecticut on how to apply.

FEMA also has information on applicant eligibility and the steps involved with receiving assistance, available here. Relevant information can be found on pages “9” and “54.”

I have been working in concert with local officials to make sure we receive as much aid as our communities will need.

If you are aware of an unresolved issue from the storm or have questions about applying for federal assistance, please do not hesitate to contact my office and I will be happy to help. You can send me an email at or give me a phone call at 800-842-1423.

Rep. Smith Challenges Legislative Democrats for “Failing to Stand Up” to Governor Malloy

Posted on June 28, 2018 by rjoslyn


HARTFORD – State Representative Richard Smith (R-108) criticized legislative Democrats on Monday for refusing to override Governor Dan Malloy’s veto of a bill prohibiting future governors from making cuts to education aid in the middle of a fiscal year.

Although there was enough support in the House on a 103-33 vote margin to override the governor’s veto, the override effort failed to achieve 2/3rd support in the Senate and was unsuccessful, meaning Governor Malloy’s veto will stand.  The legislature also failed to override vetoes on several other pieces of legislation that passed this year when Senate Democrats sided with Governor Malloy.

Public Act 18-35 was legislation intended to prevent a Connecticut governor from withholding Education Cost Sharing funds promised to a municipality for the school year, and was a key priority for Rep. Smith.

“This was a common-sense bill that took an executive power away from the governor that severely hurt towns and school district in our community by cutting funding in the middle of the fiscal year, so it is unfortunate these Democratic members chose to stand with Governor Malloy in opposition,” said Rep. Smith.  “The legislature needs  to take steps to ensure predictability and stability not just for the sake of local schools, but for taxpayers and businesses who are trying to remain in Connecticut.  Failing to override other vetoes – like offering a tax credit to manufacturers who train new workers – shows misplaced priorities.  I am determined to pursue common sense policies like this one to support families and businesses in upper Fairfield County.”

All seven of the governor’s vetoes were sustained in a special session of the General Assembly on Monday.

Rep. Smith and Sen. McLachlan Honor President’s Award Winners at the Sherman School

Posted on June 14, 2018 by rjoslyn


SHERMAN – State Representative Richard Smith (R-108) and State Senator Michael McLachlan (R-24) attended a ceremony in honor of three Sherman School students who won the President’s Award for Education Excellence & Achievement. The two legislators joined middle school students and staff to celebrate the achievements of the graduating eighth-grade class and present state citations honoring the winners of the President’s Award.

The President’s Education Awards program is awarded on behalf of the President of the United States and the US Secretary of Education in recognition of US students for their educational achievements. To receive the President’s Award for Education Excellence, students must meet a minimum GPA of 4.0, while the award for Educational Achievement is given to a student who demonstrates “education growth, improvement, commitment, or intellectual development.”

Sherman School eighth-graders Kate O’Farrell and Liam Scanlon received the President’s Award for Education Excellence. Eilish Foy won the award for Educational Achievement.

“I am very proud of all of the accomplishments of our middle schoolers here at the Sherman School – they all have worked diligently to get to where they are now and set themselves up for a successful high school career,” said Rep. Smith. “The winners of the prestigious President’s Award deserve special praise for going above and beyond the call of duty to achieve excellence and they deserve special recognition in this way. Congratulations and best of luck to Kate, Liam, Eilish, and all of our students at the Sherman School. I am sure they will continue to make us proud.”

“The President’s Award sets a high bar for our students,” said Sen. McLachlan.  “The fact that we have two winners for Education Excellence and a winner for Educational Achievement in the same school speaks to the quality of education provided by Sherman School and the dedication of the students who attend.  It was an honor to meet these young people.  I hope their achievements and the recognition they received will be an incentive to other students.”