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Rep. Simanski Supports Pay Equity Legislation

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Hartford – State Representative Bill Simanski (R-62) voted in favor of HB 5386 ‘An Act Concerning Various Pay Equity and Fairness Matters’ on Thursday, April 19th. The legislation was a bi-partisan effort introduced in the Labor Committee to address factors that lead to the income gap between men and women.

A leading factor in the pay gap is caused by inquiring about salary history during the hiring process. Women have historically been hired at a lower wage and thus asking about their current salary just perpetuates their lower salary ranges. The legislation will prevent employers from asking a prospective employee about their wage history.

“I was happy to join this bi-partisan effort for pay-equity,” said Rep. Simanski. “The consideration of wage history when determining pay for new employees has contributed to the income disparity between men and women. Removing this factor will put all new employees on a more equal footing when applying for jobs. Salary should be based on the position and a person’s qualifications, not what a person is currently earning.”

The legislation passed the Labor Committee 13-0 and was amended on the House Floor to address concerns from the business community; it passed the House 142-4. Rep. Simanski also co-sponsored the measure which will now head to the Senate for a vote. To track this bill or other legislation visit

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Rep. Simanski Votes for Legislation to Study Inmate Reentry into the Community

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Hartford – State Representative Bill Simanski (R-62) voted in favor of legislation that would create a working group to study housing for people reentering the community after incarceration. The bill ‘HB 5375’ would convene a group appointed by the Commissioner of Housing, the Commissioner of Corrections and the Commission on Equity and Opportunity to produce a report for the legislature by January 1st 2019.

“As a longtime volunteer for Kairos Prison Ministries, I have spent time in prisons and interacted with those serving time. One of the biggest concerns they have is after they have completed their sentence and paid their debt to society, where will they go,” said Rep. Simanski. “I stand in strong support of this bill and look forward to the working group’s recommendation.”

The bill passed the House by a vote of 131 to 11 and will head to the Senate for further action. To learn more about this legislation and other bills visit

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Report from the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth

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