Rep. Siegrist, Federal and Local Officials Attend U.S. Naturalization Ceremony


ESSEX – On Tuesday, October 17, State Representative Robert Siegrist (R-36) joined federal and local officials at a U.S. Naturalization Ceremony, which was run by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Nearly 100 guests gathered in the Connecticut River Museum in Essex as 50 candidates from 26 different countries became U.S. citizens at a special naturalization ceremony.

“It was an honor and privilege to welcome all of these individuals from various countries as new American citizens, and I wish them the absolute best with all their future endeavors,” said Rep. Siegrist.

The Honorable Judge Richardson, United States Magistrate Judge, presided over the ceremony and Angela Blue, courtroom deputy, administered the Oath of Allegiance to the country’s newest citizens.

John Winthrop Middle School 8th Grade Chorus sang the National Anthem, conducted the presentation of our nation’s colors and the pledge of allegiance.

Other guests included : Camille Fisher, Immigrations Services Officer, US Citizenship and Immigration Services; Norm Needleman, First Selectman of Essex; Joe Courtney, U.S. Representative and Christopher Dobbs, Executive Director, Connecticut River Museum.

Siegrist Urges Override of Governor’s Veto


HARTFORD – State Representative Robert Siegrist today expressed disappointment that the Governor vetoed the only state budget to pass the General Assembly with bipartisan support. Legislators now are calling on support to override the veto.

“It is an absolute shame that Governor Malloy vetoed a budget that was bipartisan, and he claims that his actions are doing what is best for Connecticut. With no apparent options with regards to a budget alternative at this point, the governor is seeking to run the state by executive order,” said Rep. Siegrist. “I call on the Speaker of the House to pull us into session and I am hopeful that my colleagues in the House and Senate can come together to override the governor’s veto.”

How to Help in the Aftermath of Hurricanes


The images of distress and suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane’s Harvey, Irma and Jose, and Maria are gripping, and if you’re like me, you want to know what you can do to help out.

Just as these catastrophes have brought out the best in some people who have risen to the challenge to show their charity and humanity, so it has also brought out the worst – those who would prey on both the disaster victims and those who want to help them.  Unbelievably, there are many scams out there looking to fleece those who wish to donate and the flooding victims who have already lost so much, through scams

If you want to help, please donate only to trusted and reputable charity organizations.  Do not donate over the phone to solicitors who have called you.

Two great organizations you can consider donating to are Americares, and the American Red Cross.  Links to both are found below.


Lastly, if you want to volunteer to help down in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands , do not self-deploy.  You can contact your town’s emergency services director to coordinate with them.

If you are a doctor or a nurse, please coordinate with the State Department of Public Health concerning dispatching emergency medical services to the area.

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Rep. Siegrist Meets with 9 Town Transit


On Tuesday, September 27, State Representative Robert Siegrist (R-36) met with Joe Comerford the Executive Director of 9 Town Transit and Haddam First Selectwoman at Haddam Town Hall regarding the 9-Town Transit, which is the local bus service that provides dial-a ride service for many residents and especially seniors within the 36th District.

Executive Director of 9 Town Transit Joe Comerford, Haddam First Selectwoman Lizz Milardo and State Representative Robert Siegrist.

Rep. Siegrist met with Comerford and Milardo to discuss their efforts to expand 9-Town Transit over the last five years. Namely, to create a continuous loop from Middlesex Community College, down Route 154 with a stop in Higganum, a stop at Haddam Killingworth High School and then down Route 81 all the way to Clinton. This loop is intended to assist students who take classes at Middlesex Community College, employees who work at local schools and the Outlets and residents in general.

“I was happy to meet with 9 Town Transit Executive Director Joe Comerford and Haddam First Selectwoman Lizz Milardo to learn more about this local bus service and their upcoming developments. This new 9 Town Transit loop would be a great addition to our district. This addition would also do great things for the local economy and our residents. I look forward to seeing how this project advances,” said State Representative Robert Siegrist.

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Rep. Siegrist Pitches in to Clean Up Haddam Meadows State Park


HADDAM – State Representative Robert Siegrist (R-36) participated in the Connecticut River Conservancy’s 21st Annual Clean Up at the Haddam Meadows State Park Boat Launch with volunteers from Haddam to get rid of invasive plant species in the area.



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