DMV’s New Driver’s License and Program

DMV will no longer issue driver’s licenses on site. Beginning this spring, people looking to acquire or renew their CT license will go to one of these locations for processing, but will receive their new licenses in the mail within 20 days.

This new system is part of Connecticut’s central issuance program designed to reduce fraud. Temporary paper licenses will be issued at the locations for use until permanent ones arrive in the mail. Read More

Common Sense Proposals

State Rep. Rosa C. Rebimbas (R-70) today submitted testimony in support of two pieces of legislation she introduced that will reduce Connecticut’s ballooning debt and bring state employment benefits more in line with private sector employees across the state.

“Connecticut is in a constant financial struggle to provide important and vital services to residents and trying to control a mushrooming state budget that erodes public confidence in state government,” Rep. Rebimbas said. “The proposals discussed today, if implemented, will help reduce the debt load and restore confidence in government.”

House bills 5833 and 5848 will increase medical copays for state employees by one percent, and prevent state employee pensions from being artificially inflated by eliminating overtime, bonuses and mileage reimbursements in pension calculations, respectively.

State employees pay minimal copays for physician visits, walk-in centers, urgent care, outpatient treatment, audiological screening, routine eye care and emergency services, compared to non-state employees, Rep. Rebimbas said. The non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis (OFA) reports that, for example, a $5.00 increase in state employee medical copays would save nearly $8 million in costs to the state.

“Increasing state employee medical insurance copays by a small amount will not be a substantial burden on workers and will allow our state to save millions over the long term,” Rep. Rebimbas said. “As state employees, we must be willing to lead by example and share in the sacrifice we are asking of others to put Connecticut on a more stable fiscal footing for the future.”

State employee pensions are calculated – calculations that include pay received for bonuses and mileage reimbursements – using an average of their pay based on their final four years of employment. Pension “spiking” occurs when employees take on additional overtime work hours in the last few years of employment in an effort to increase their pension payout. The proposal Rep. Rebimbas introduced and supports would remove bonuses and mileage from those calculations.

“By restoring responsible spending we can right Connecticut’s financial ship.” Rep. Rebimbas said.

Legislation Would Strengthen Grandparent’s Rights

State Representative Rosa C. Rebimbas (R-70), joined by Representative Stephanie Cummings (R-74) and State Senator Joan Hartley (D-15), once again introduced a bill that would allow grandparents more rights when unfairly denied visitation of their grandchildren, an issue championed by Naugatuck resident and CT Chapter President of the Grandparent’s Rights Association of the USA Emidio Cerasale.

The proposed bill, LCO 4651 – An Act Concerning a Grandparent’s Right to Visitation with His or Her Grandchild – would amend current state law to allow grandparents access to the court to petition for visitation provided compelling circumstances exist that overcome the presumption that the parental decision to deny such visitation is in the child’s best interest. Last session, similar legislation – Raised bill – H.B. 5608 – An Act Concerning a Grandparent’s Right of Visitation with a Grandchild – passed the committee process, but was not brought before the full legislature.

Emidio Cerasale said he hoped this proposal would allow for a process for grandparents to have a chance to explain their side of a visitation situation before being cut off from their grandchildren or be prevented from knowing their grandchildren.

“The issue of grandparents’ rights is important to many across our state and this proposed legislation would strengthen current state law while also providing an opportunity for grandparents to seek assistance in maintaining or fostering a positive relationship with their grandchild,” Rep. Rebimbas said. “I look forward to another public hearing on this issue so we can hear from affected individuals and further the discussion.” Read More