Rep. Rebimbas, PALCUS Host Annual Day of Portugal Reception at the Capitol

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HARTFORD – State Representative Rosa C. Rebimbas (R-Naugatuck), and Comendador Fernando G. Rosa, Director of the Portuguese-American Leadership Council of the United States (PALCUS), cohosted the annual Day of Portugal at the Capitol on Friday, June 8th, 2018.

“I look forward to this event each year because it is an opportunity for people to come together, and to celebrate the rich history and culture of Portugal,” Rep. Rebimbas said. “This year we had a remarkable turnout and had the privilege of recognizing three honorees who are true leaders in their communities. I would like to thank everyone who helped put this event together as well as the honorees for their service in their respective fields and for being great ambassadors for the Portuguese Community.”

“It is always a pleasure and an honor to celebrate the Day of Portugal,” Comendador Fernando G. Rosa said.

Each year, Rep. Rebimbas hosts this event as a celebration of Portuguese culture and tradition. This event featured music by Rancho Folclorico of the Portuguese Club of Hartford, food from Maria Pereira and Nutshell Café, and special honorees including Agostinho “Augie” Ribeiro, Hilda M. Barrett and Mariana Branco-Barnes.

Augie Ribeiro, CEO of Ventura Law, has been an active trial lawyer representing over 5,000 clients in civil cases. Since the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, he has shifted his focus to pro bono representation of the victims. He has also represented victims of the BP oil spill disaster, as well victims in other high profile cases. Hilda M. Barrett is a lifelong resident of Danbury, has been active in the Greater Danbury Portuguese Community for over three decades and has received awards for her local involvement. Mariana Branco-Barnes is a lifelong resident of Naugatuck of Portuguese decent and has been involved with the Naugatuck Portuguese Club since childhood. In 2013, she became the first female president of the club where she dedicates her time to increasing outreach efforts, and focusing on the preservation and celebration of Portuguese heritage in the Naugatuck community.

PALCUS is a non-partisan, non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. dedicated to addressing domestic and international concerns of the Portuguese-American community. They conduct research, and provide educational and public affairs activities on these issues. Furthermore, PALCUS plays an active role in government relationships with the goal of strengthening ties between Portugal and the United States.

Special recognition also goes to the Day of Portugal Hosting Committee for Greater Hartford, Clube Portuguese de Hartford, Our Lady of Fatima Church, Portuguese Foundation, Holy Ghost Portuguese Society and Casa do Benfica. Other guests included Abilio “Bill” Lopes Gouveia, Esq., Honorary Consul of Portugal in Connecticut, and various members of the General Assembly of Portuguese decent including State Representatives Jesse MacLachlan, Anne Dauphinais and Rick Lopes.


Rep. Rebimbas Criticizes Waste and Abuse in State Government

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Joins House Republicans in Calling for Hearings on Recent Audits

HARTFORD – State Representative Rosa C. Rebimbas (R-Naugatuck), Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee, joined fellow House Republicans in calling for the committees overseeing the departments in question to hold hearings on the recent audits detailing agency abuse, wasteful spending and questionable payments to vendors.

“I would like to thank the auditors of public accounts for their good work, and for bringing this issue to our attention,” Rep. Rebimbas said. “The General Assembly struggles year after year to balance the state budget while these wasteful and abusive practices continue. We need to hold the hearings and address this reoccurring problem immediately. They cannot be ignored. Transparency is key to exposing inefficiencies and misuse of taxpayer dollars.”

The provision Republicans inserted into the budget last fall allows for the oversight committees to conduct a review of the auditors’ reports within 180 days after they have been submitted. The hearing deadlines for three departments, Veterans’ Affairs, the Connecticut State University System and the Division of Criminal Justice have now expired with no action having been taken on the reports. It was also reported the UConn Health Center gave raises to employees who approved a contract for the interim head of the center, rehired retirees who worked longer than they should have according to executive fiats, and paid some employees more than they should have, according to their contracts.

Currently, three agency audit reports are overdue for hearings, which include the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Connecticut State University System Office, and the Division of Criminal Justice. The Connecticut Community College System’s hearing deadline is June 17th, 2018.


Rep. Rebimbas’s Bill Concerning Victim Restitution Clears General Assembly

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HARTFORD – State Representative Rosa C. Rebimbas (R-Naugatuck), Ranking Member of the legislature’s Judiciary Committee, praised the passage of her cosponsored bill, H.B. 5471, An Act Concerning Victim’s Rights and Restitutions, on the closing day of the 2018 Session, May 9th, 2018.

“This is an important bill for victims of criminal offenses where the individual suffered physical injury or damage or loss of property,” Rep. Rebimbas said. “When these crimes occur, the victims have a right to request restitution for any damages, and that is something the court should determine through a formal process when sentencing the convicted individual. If restitution has been requested as a result of the crime as determined by the court, the convicted individual should be required to compensate the victim in accordance with the rule of law.”

This bill requires the court, when sentencing an individual who was convicted of a criminal offense, to inquire on the record whether there are any requests from victims for restitution. Under existing law, which remains unchanged by the bill, a court is required to order an offender to make financial restitution, under terms that it determines are appropriate. The convicted individual would be required to pay restitution if the crime committed resulted in injury to another person or property damage, if the victim requests financial restitution, and if the court finds that the victim suffered injury or property damage or loss. However, currently prosecutors have the option to decide whether or not to request restitution be ordered by the court. This new law would require the prosecutor to provide the request to the judge and not leave it to the discretion of the prosecutor.

H.B. 5471 passed the House and was placed on the Senate’s consent calendar. The consent calendar is a list of bills from a legislative chamber that are generally noncontroversial and will likely receive strong support. The bills are voted on collectively. Once the consent calendar is adopted, the bill will be sent to Governor Malloy for his signature.

The 2018 Session of the Connecticut General Assembly ends at midnight tonight, May 9th, 2018.