Petit Rings Salvation Army Bell to Help Neighbors in Need


New Britain – Local lawmaker William A. Petit, Jr. (R-22) participated in the Salvation Army’s annual Red Kettle Campaign by ringing bells and greeting shoppers at the New Britain Stop & Shop during the holiday season.

Petit thanked everyone who took the time to stop and donate, and support their neighbors in need. The Salvation Army provides food, clothing, comfort and care to local residents as well as people in need across the United States.


New Laws Effective January 1st


Please note that this is provided as information, and inclusion in this message does not indicate my support or opposition to an individual measure.

A number of new laws took effect beginning January 1, 2018. These new laws may have an impact on you, your business, or our community. I encourage you to take a look at the full list of laws that can be found by clicking here. I have listed some of the more noteworthy legislation below.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or clarifications regarding the implementation of these laws.

AN ACT PREVENTING PRESCRIPTION OPIOID DIVERSION AND ABUSE – Public Act No. 17-131 – requires prescriptions be transcribed electronically to safeguard against over prescribing, reduces the maximum number of days for a prescription from seven to five for minors and allows patients to request drugs other than opioids be prescribed.

AN ACT CONCERNING WITHHOLDING WORKERS’ COMPENSATION INCOME FOR CHILD SUPPORT – Public Act No. 17-27 – requires an employer promptly notify the dependent (i.e., spouse, former spouse, or child owed the support) or judicial branch’s Support Enforcement Services, if an employee, whose income is withheld to enforce a child support order, makes a workers’ compensation claim.


AN ACT CONCERNING THE DEFINITION OF A VETERAN FOR A CERTAIN HONOR AND CERTAIN BENEFIT – Public Act No. 17-83 – broadens the eligibility criteria for certain veterans’ benefits, allows additional people to receive a service ribbon and medal, be buried in a Connecticut veterans’ cemetery, or have veteran status indicated on their driver’s license or identity card.


Please pass this information along to those who may benefit from knowing what to expect this new year in the State of Connecticut.

New legislation typically goes into effect on January 1st, July 1st, or October 1st in a calendar year, although a few laws go into effect immediately upon passage.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns relating to state government at or call 800-842-1423.

Sen. Martin, Rep. Petit Discuss General Assembly with Plainville High Students


Plainville – Today, State Senator Henri Martin (R-31) and Representative William A. Petit, Jr. (R-22) spoke to students in all of Plainville High School’s American Government classes. They discussed the state’s legislative process and how it impacts the lives of Connecticut residents.

“I believe one of the best ways to engage young people in government and politics is to explain how it impacts them,” Sen. Martin said. “It’s easy to think only about the federal officials that occupy so much of our media and social media. Young people need to know that what happens on the local level has a more direct effect on their lives. Becoming involved locally is a way that they, as individuals, can affect change.”

Dr. Petit noted, “What a great morning spent speaking with our Plainville High School students. I was very encouraged to be among such bright, inquisitive young folks. It is my hope that through our visit, and sharing our own personal insights and experiences as lawmakers, that they will have gained a better understanding of how our local government works. We discussed how decisions in Hartford could have a direct effect on them and their families. We hope that perhaps some will even be inspired to become involved.”

 Sen. Martin represents the communities of Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth, and Thomaston.
 Rep. Petit serves the communities of New Britain and Plainville.

PHOTO: State Sen. Henri Martin (left) and Rep. William A. Petit, Jr. discuss the role of the Connecticut Legislature with students in the American Government class at Plainville High School.