Local GOP Legislators: ‘We Are Ready to Lead’

Urge majority party to call House Republican budget for vote

Hartford – In an effort to restore confidence in state government’s ability to get its fiscal house in order, local legislators joined their House Republican colleagues in outlining their no-tax increase proposal to balance the state budget over the next two years. The legislators urged majority party Democrats in the House to call the House Republican budget for a vote.

Following the presentation, State Representatives Whit Betts (R-76), Cara Pavalock-D’Amato (R-77), and William A. Petit, Jr. (R-22) released the following statement:

“Our budget is ready to go, and we are ready to lead Connecticut. The need to vote now on a two year budget is essential in order to move our state forward, and we hope our Democratic colleagues share the same sense of urgency in doing this. Failure to act is an abdication of their legislative duties.

“Connecticut remains in a deepening fiscal crisis. We are now almost three weeks into the new fiscal year without a state budget. Taxpayers have made it crystal clear that they will not support tax increases to eliminate our $5.1 billion state deficit. Residents are understandably anxious and stressed, and continue to shoulder the burden that not having a budget imposes. Non-profit organizations, including community hospitals, are pleading with the legislature to adopt a state budget immediately as many programs that serve those most in need are closing.

“We have proposed a budget based on common sense ideas and based on no tax increases. We restore education funding to every city and town in the state, offer municipal mandate relief, and restore the property tax credit, all without raising one dime of tax on our residents.”

To date, there has been no budget proposal called for a vote by the Democratic majority party, and the governor, as of July 1, is ruling by executive order.

For detailed information on the House Republican budget proposal, please visit:


State Legislators Invite Plainville, New Britain Residents to ‘Pizza and Politics’

Hartford State Rep. William A. Petit, Jr. (R-22) and State Sen. Henri Martin (R-31) have announced that they will be hosting a Pizza and Politics event on Thursday, July 27 from 6:30 – 8pm at West Main Pizza (97 East Main St., Plainville).

The event will allow residents the opportunity speak with their legislators and hear the latest updates from the State Capitol, including the state budget crisis, while enjoying pizza in a relaxed setting.

The event is free and open to residents only.

Anyone unable to attend but would like to speak with their legislators regarding a legislative or local issue may contact Rep. Petit at 800-842-1423 or Sen. Martin at 800-842-1421.





Rep. Petit, Sen. Martin Meet Residents at Bolo Bakery

Plainville – Representative William Petit (R-22) and State Senator Henri Martin (R-31) recently met with constituents at Bolo Bakery in Plainville to discuss the 2017 legislative session.

“While we still don’t have a state budget, we talked about the numerous balanced, no tax increase budgets proposed by Republicans and the inherent problems with trying to install tolls on state highways,” Sen. Martin said. “We also got to hear what they are concerned about and what they think we should do in Hartford.”

“Getting feedback from the people we serve is vital to our mission,” Rep. Petit said. “The majority of our discussion focused on the state budget crisis. We were elected to represent the best interest of the people in our district, who would like to see us adopt a state budget that does not include tax increases. House Republicans have created 3 balanced budgets this year alone, which do not include tax increases.”

Sen. Martin represents the communities of Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth, and Thomaston.

Rep. Petit serves the communities of Plainville and New Britain.