Veto Override Session a Gimmick

Posted on October 4, 2017 by admin


State Representative Arthur O’Neill (R-69) on Tuesday denounced Tuesday’s sham veto override session in the House of Representatives.

The Speaker used the day as political theater to reduce pressure on his Democratic members because they failed to pass their own budget.

“The Democratic majority party leadership knew most of their members who supported the bi-partisan budget plan on September 15 were not available today and called this snap session as a political gimmick instead of proper governance,” Rep. O’Neill said. “Republicans have clamored for an honest veto override, not a stunt to save face.

Rules of the procedure required a member of the prevailing side of the original vote to make a motion for reconsideration of the budget. Republicans did not make the motion because it would effectively kill the bi-partisan budget without the full legislature being in attendance, or having the ability to be in attendance, to vote.

“I encourage you to reach out to friends and family and urge Democrats to call a true veto override session and to pass the bi-partisan budget,” Rep. O’Neill said. “While not a perfect document it does provide a detailed and predictable path forward for municipalities being negatively affected by Governor Malloy’s executive order.”

“Failing to call for an honest override vote is akin to Democrat legislators abdicating their responsibility and allowing Governor Malloy to rule as a dictator making devastating cuts to towns and local schools,” Rep. O’Neill said.