Rep. McCarty Writes to Speaker and Majority Leader to Include Millstone in Tomorrow’s Session

Posted on September 13, 2017 by admin


HARTFORDState Representative Kathleen McCarty (R-Waterf0rd), who testified to the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) to protect Millstone last month, rejected the governor’s executive order for an unnecessary and ineffective resource assessment of Millstone in July, and spoke out for the need to be proactive on keeping Dominion in Connecticut in June, today sent a letter to House Speaker Aresimowicz and House Majority Leader Ritter urging for legislation that she co-introduced – which would allow Millstone to bid into and remain in the state’s competitive energy market – be put on the table during tomorrow’s legislative session.

“I sent this letter because I know first-hand, having remained in continuous contact with the leadership of Millstone, that Dominion WILL leave the State of Connecticut,” said Rep. McCarty. “Dominion has already closed one of its nuclear power plants, and started a strategic assessment process. It is essential that we act NOW, and that this issue is put on the table tomorrow; or Millstone IS leaving.”

In the letter, she emphasizes that as one of the 75 largest employers in the state, Millstone Power Plant spends over 100 million dollars in annual salaries to over 1500 full-time employees, and supporting approximately 4,000 jobs in Connecticut. Ultimately Millstone contributes $1.5 billion in economic impact to the State of Connecticut, making it a powerful economic driver across the region (Chumura Economics). Looking to the future, Nuclear Energy Institute states that between 2016 and 2030 Millstone Power Station will generate more than $12 billion in economic benefits in Connecticut.  In such a challenging and difficult fiscal climate, the State of Connecticut must do all within its power to preserve and promote jobs at Millstone Power Plant.

As one of the largest taxpayers in the town of Waterford, Millstone has also allowed the community to build new – geothermal – schools, and improve the quality of life for Waterford’s residents. Millstone has a scholarship program with Three Rivers Community College, launched the Waterford Education Foundation with its very first grant, does ongoing and quality environmental research at its Environmental Lab, and shares all of its data with the DEEP.

“In light of the fiscal crisis facing the state, and the ongoing exodus of major corporations from Connecticut including Alexion as recent as this week, I cannot understand why the state of Connecticut would want to risk a premature closing of Millstone,” said Rep. McCarty. “The state must be proactive to protect Millstone’s jobs. Millstone has been an exemplary corporate partner in Waterford and surrounding Communities, and has been more than cooperative with the state; it is now time for the state to reciprocate and take the correct and necessary steps to keep this important employer, taxpayer and company in Connecticut before it is too late.

“It goes without saying that the economic welfare of Southeastern Connecticut, as well as the entire state, depends on the viability of Millstone, and the company remaining in Connecticut,” Rep. McCarty said. “That viability is as of this moment critically endangered. Considering this fact, I emphasize the imperativeness of including the opportunity for Dominion to be part of Connecticut’s energy procurement process. I trust that in safeguarding what is best for the State of Connecticut, the majority leaders will provide an opportunity for Dominion to be part of the procurement process by including this legislation in the budget process tomorrow.”