Reps. Labriola & O’Neill and Sen. Berthel Meet with Southbury Constituents


SOUTHBURY– Earlier this week State Representatives David Labriola (R-131), Arthur O’Neill and State Senator Eric Berthel hosted a town hall-style meeting in Southbury to discuss legislative issues with their constituents ahead of the opening of the 2018 Regular Legislative Session, which happened on Wednesday.

The legislators provided information on the Medicare Savings Plan veto session, explained union contracts, gave budget updates, and discussed issues such as tolls, fixing transportation inefficiencies and taxes.

(L to R) Rep. Labriola, Rep. O’Neill and Sen. Berthel listen to constituent concerns.

Senator Berthel, Reps. O’Neill and Labriola to Host Southbury Town Hall Meeting


HARTFORDState Representatives David K. Labriola (R-131) and Arthur O’Neill (R-69) and State Senator Eric Berthel (R-32) look forward to meeting with constituents during a Town Hall Meeting to discuss state government and the upcoming 2018 legislative session.

The veteran lawmakers invite constituents to share their concerns and ideas, and to ask questions about the 2018 legislative session which convenes on February 7th and concludes at midnight on Wednesday, May 9th.

What: Pre-session Town Hall
Who: State Senator Eric Berthel (R-32)
State Representatives Arthur O’Neill (R-69) and David K. Labriola (R-131)
Where: Southbury Town Hall, 501 Main Street South, room 205
When: Monday, February 5th, 2018 from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Intended Audience: Open and free to all Southbury residents.

Naugatuck State Lawmakers to Update Taxpayers on January 26th


NAUGATUCK – Naugatuck’s state lawmakers will host a Legislative Update on Friday, January 26th at the Naugatuck Town Hall located at 229 Church Street.

State Senators Joan Hartley (D-15) and George Logan (R-17), and State Representatives David Labriola (R-131) and Rosa Rebimbas (R-70) will preview the 2018 session of the Connecticut General Assembly, discuss their priorities, and take questions from taxpayers.

The event, which is open to the public, runs from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

New Laws Effective January 1st


New legislation typically goes into effect on January 1st, July 1st, or October 1st in a calendar year. Thus, with the start of 2018 comes a number of new laws that will take effect tomorrow, January 1st. These new laws may have an impact on you, your business, or our community. The full list of laws can be found by clicking here, though I have listed some noteworthy pieces of legislation below. Please note that providing this information does not indicate my support or opposition to any individual law.

Preventing Prescription Opioid Diversion and Abuse
Public Act 17-131
Requires prescriptions be transcribed electronically to safeguard against over prescribing, reduce the maximum number of days for a prescription from seven days to five days for minors, and allow patients to request drugs other than opioids be prescribed.

Enforcing Child Support Payments
Public Act 17-27
Requires an employer to promptly notify the dependent (i.e., spouse, former spouse, or child owed the support) or judicial branch’s Support Enforcement Services, as directed, if an employee whose income is withheld to enforce a child support order makes a workers’ compensation claim.

Ensuring Honors and Benefits for Veterans
Public Act 17-83
Broadens the eligibility criteria for certain veterans’ benefits, allows additional people to receive a service ribbon and medal, be buried in a Connecticut veterans cemetery, or have veteran status indicated on their driver’s license or identity card.

Allowing Health Insurance Coverage for Fertility Preservation for Insureds Diagnosed with Cancer
Public Act 17-55
Expands the range of people eligible for infertility coverage under certain individual and group health insurance policies. By law, these policies must cover the medically necessary costs of diagnosing and treating infertility. It covers, for example, (1) basic hospital expenses; (2) basic medical-surgical expenses; (3) major medical expenses; or (4) hospital or medical services, including those provided under an HMO plan.

Reducing Student Costs
Public Act 17-130
Allows the Office of Higher Education, University of Connecticut, the Connecticut State University System, the regional community-technical college system, and Charter Oak State College to each establish guidelines encouraging the state’s public higher education institutions to implement programs that reduce students’ textbook and educational resource costs.

Please pass this information along to those who may benefit from knowing what to expect in the new year in the State of Connecticut. I also encourage you to contact me with any questions or clarifications regarding the implementation of these acts.

Sending my warmest wishes for a happy and prosperous new year! The 2018 Legislative Session will begin on February 7, 2018.

Rep. Labriola Rings the Bell for the Salvation Army


SOUTHBURY – State Representatives David Labriola (R-131) and Arthur O’Neill (R-69), and State Senator Eric Berthel (R-32), volunteered on Monday to raise money for local residents in need by spending an hour ringing the bell for the Salvation Army outside Stop and Shop in Southbury.

If you were unable to donate to Rep. Labriola’s kettle at Stop and Shop, you can still text “CTREP” to 71777 to donate directly to the House and Senate Republicans’ Red Kettle. You can also visit the Salvation Army’s website at to learn of other ways to do good this holiday season; for example, by donating cars, clothing, household goods, airline miles, bonds and stocks, or volunteering for the community.

Republican lawmakers have already raised nearly $40,000 for the Salvation Army this year. The Salvation Army responds to natural disasters such as wildfires and tornadoes, provides meals and toys to families in need, and conducts research and analyses regarding human needs around the country. They also provide adult rehabilitation, veteran services, elderly services, missing person searches, housing assistance, youth recreation, sponsorship, and support in the fight to end human trafficking.