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Overview of the 2018 Legislative Session

Posted on April 11, 2018 by admin


The Connecticut General Assembly convened the 2018 Session on February 7th and will conclude on May 9th. Bills introduced this year will be primarily financial in nature and designed to correct the state budget. Other bill proposals can be made through legislative committees. I encourage you to follow what’s happening in Hartford by tuning in to the Connecticut Network (CT-N) on Channel 182 in Naugatuck and Oxford and Channel 193 in Southbury, following the budget on the Open Connecticut website, and tracking legislation on the Connecticut General Assembly’s website. You can also see which bills I support by clicking the “Legislation” tab on my website at www.replabriola.com.

Major Issues

The Office of Legislative Research (OLR) has released a list of issues that will likely be addressed in these bill proposals, including: the need to stabilize special education costs, update the state’s tax code and potentially establish a Statewide Transportation Authority. Visit OLR’s website for a copy of the full list.

The State Budget

Unfortunately, we began 2018 with a projected deficit of $240 million – a number that continues to grow in the out years. We must control our state spending/borrowing and reduce the tax burden on our residents and small businesses.