Rep. Kupchick Named Environmental Champion by League of Conservation Voters


HARTFORD – State Representative Brenda Kupchick (R-132) has been named an Environmental Champion by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV).  Of the 16 legislators to receive the recognition this year, she was commended for her leadership on resisting efforts to repeal the bottle deposit program during the 2017 legislative session.

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters is a bipartisan, statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting Connecticut’s environment by making it a priority for elected officials.  CTLCV works with the state’s environmental advocacy groups to identify, highlight, and track important bills that affect Connecticut’s natural resources, including air, water, wildlife, open space, and health. Following each legislative session, it recognizes a number of lawmakers for their leadership on environmental issues by naming them Environmental Champions.

“The multiple failed attempts by the majority party to pass a sensible state budget received most of the attention in Hartford over the course of this year and environmental issues unfortunately didn’t receive the appropriate attention, which makes me especially grateful for this distinction by the League of Conservation Voters,” said Rep. Kupchick.  “I was focused on working to pass a common sense budget, but environmental stewardship is always essential not only for preserving Connecticut’s unique natural beauty and landscape, but also for its quality of life and economic viability.  There is no reason pursuing fiscally responsible policies should jeopardize all of our progress on conserving natural resources.  In fact, environmental stewardship can be included as part of the solution in turning our state’s economy around helping to attract families and businesses to Connecticut.  I’m thankful for the League of Conservation voters for their advocacy for our environment and for honoring me with the distinction of Environmental Champion.”

During the 2017 legislative session, Rep. Kupchick helped defeat an effort to dismantle the state’s landmark recycling law, succeeding in retaining Connecticut’s bottle deposit refund program. In addition to her efforts in these areas, Rep. Kupchick was a vocal supporter and co-sponsor of a constitutional amendment resolution protecting state conservation lands. She also supported legislation designed to improve the DOT’s management of tree removal on state highways, as well as successful efforts to promote clean air initiatives on Long Island Sound.

Rep. Kupchick said, “Instead of ending the bottle deposit program completely, the program simply needed to be updated to include more types of bottles and we should adjust the fees to keep the program viable and cost-efficient.  Conserving our natural resources and controlling state spending do not need to be competing issues and I will continue my work in the legislature on behalf of both causes.”

“Brenda Kupchick was extremely proactive on the ‘bottle bill’ legislation and actively worked with members in the House to get their commitment to support improvements the program,” said Lori Brown, CTLCV Executive Director. “​Not all legislators can or want to jump into that role, especially when an issue is contentious, but Rep. Kupchick really stepped up and pushed for legislation that ​clearly ​helps the environment and creates jobs.  We are grateful to ​have another strong environmental leader in the legislature and look forward to working with her in 2018.”

The complete 2017 CTLCV scorecard can be viewed at:

Rep. Kupchick: The Walk With Harold Charity Dog Walk is This Weekend


Dear Friends, 

As this year’s co-chair of the 13th annual Walk With Harold charity dog walk, I would like to personally invite you to attend this wonderful community event this weekend.

Walk With Harold brings friends, families and their dogs together to enjoy a beautiful walk along Jennings Beach. This year, our own Fairfield Police Department’s K9 Unit is the lead beneficiary which runs solely through private donations.  Black Rock School will be another beneficiary.  I am excited by the enthusiasm that has been created by the participants and members of the Walk with Harold & Friends Committee. 

Registration for the walk begins at 11am this Sunday, October 8th at Jennings Beach located at 880 South Benson Road Fairfield.  There will be a K-9 demonstration by the Fairfield Police Department following the walk, lots of fun vendors, a DJ and lunch provided for registered walkers by Wich Day in Fairfield.  

For more information check out our Walk With Harold & Friends Facebook page. 

I hope I will see you at this fun family event that raises money for two good causes while showing commitment and love to our four-legged friends. 

The Walk With Harold & Friends Committee

Rep. Kupchick Calls Governor’s Veto “Irresponsible”


State Rep. Brenda KupchickSays Governor Owns Responsibility for Impending Funding Cuts

HARTFORD – State Representative Brenda Kupchick (R-132) expressed frustration with the governor’s decision to veto the budget that passed the General Assembly with bipartisan support.  The governor’s veto means that a state budget will not be in effect by the October 1st ECS payment deadline that will leave a majority of towns with across the board cuts in municipal aid, education funding, and elimination of core government services.

“This situation that we find ourselves in was created solely by the governor and majority leaders who have abdicated their responsibility by not putting forth a budget before the June deadline and then allowing the whole summer to pass without any urgency,” said Rep. Kupchick.  “They froze in the midst of the most serious fiscal crisis Connecticut has ever seen, delaying until Sept 15th to post a budget proposal that was rejected by members of their own caucus. Now, after wasting valuable time, to reject the only budget plan that made it through the legislature is irresponsible at best and harmful to Connecticut at worst – he has just stamped his seal of approval on the crisis faced by municipalities and people who depend on core state services.”

Rep. Kupchick continued, “While parts of the budget make difficult decisions, it remains the only budget out of all of the alternatives to pass both chambers with bipartisan support. It does not shift teacher pension costs onto town budgets, restores municipal and education aid, includes a real spending cap, makes structural changes, doesn’t contain bailouts for Hartford after repeated failure, and is the first bipartisan budget to pass in a long time.”

Legislators have the option of overriding the governor’s veto if House and Senate majority leadership decides to take it up in a veto session later in October.

“Connecticut’s fiscal crisis is real and solving it requires tough decisions that may not always be popular, but they are necessary to pull the state out of this serious financial mess and get Connecticut back on track,” said Rep. Kupchick. “That is why I will continue to fight for this budget and push my Democratic colleagues to vote to override the governor’s veto.  Our local funding depends on it.”

Saturday, September 9: Fairfield Lawmakers Host CT State Budget Forum


Fairfield lawmakers on Saturday, September 9th will host a CT State Budget Forum from 11:00am12:30pm at the Fairfield Board of Education Office, Board Room Right.

Sen. Tony Hwang and Reps Brenda Kupchick, Laura Devlin, and Cristin McCarthy Vahey will host the forum, which is open to the public.

Come share your thoughts and concerns about Connecticut’s budget impasse with Fairfield’s legislative delegation.

The Fairfield Board of Education Office is located at 501 Kings Highway East in Fairfield.

Those with questions about the event may call 1-800-842-1421.

Fairfield Legislators to Host Sep. 18 CT Affordable Housing Forum


FAIRFIELD- State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) and State Rep. Brenda Kupchick (R-132) will be hosting a Fairfield Affordable Housing Forum and discussion on what’s changed to the 8-30g Affordable Housing Statute & next steps for the town of Fairfield and Affordable Housing Commission. 

Co-Chair of the General Assembly Housing Committee State Senator Tony Hwang and Rep. Brenda Kupchick, who is the lead House Republican on the Housing Committee, were integral in the bipartisan negotiations to craft the new law which gives towns like Fairfield more incentives toward achieving a moratorium under the 8-30g affordable housing statute.  

The new law makes several critical reforms to restore the ability of many communities throughout Connecticut to make comprehensive zoning and planning decisions. 

The event will take place Monday, September 18th from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. in the McKinley School Cafeteria located on 60 Thompson Street in Fairfield. 

For more information, contact Senator Hwang at or Representative Kupchick at .