Rep. Kupchick Calls Governor’s Veto “Irresponsible”

Posted on September 28, 2017 by rjoslyn


State Rep. Brenda KupchickSays Governor Owns Responsibility for Impending Funding Cuts

HARTFORD – State Representative Brenda Kupchick (R-132) expressed frustration with the governor’s decision to veto the budget that passed the General Assembly with bipartisan support.  The governor’s veto means that a state budget will not be in effect by the October 1st ECS payment deadline that will leave a majority of towns with across the board cuts in municipal aid, education funding, and elimination of core government services.

“This situation that we find ourselves in was created solely by the governor and majority leaders who have abdicated their responsibility by not putting forth a budget before the June deadline and then allowing the whole summer to pass without any urgency,” said Rep. Kupchick.  “They froze in the midst of the most serious fiscal crisis Connecticut has ever seen, delaying until Sept 15th to post a budget proposal that was rejected by members of their own caucus. Now, after wasting valuable time, to reject the only budget plan that made it through the legislature is irresponsible at best and harmful to Connecticut at worst – he has just stamped his seal of approval on the crisis faced by municipalities and people who depend on core state services.”

Rep. Kupchick continued, “While parts of the budget make difficult decisions, it remains the only budget out of all of the alternatives to pass both chambers with bipartisan support. It does not shift teacher pension costs onto town budgets, restores municipal and education aid, includes a real spending cap, makes structural changes, doesn’t contain bailouts for Hartford after repeated failure, and is the first bipartisan budget to pass in a long time.”

Legislators have the option of overriding the governor’s veto if House and Senate majority leadership decides to take it up in a veto session later in October.

“Connecticut’s fiscal crisis is real and solving it requires tough decisions that may not always be popular, but they are necessary to pull the state out of this serious financial mess and get Connecticut back on track,” said Rep. Kupchick. “That is why I will continue to fight for this budget and push my Democratic colleagues to vote to override the governor’s veto.  Our local funding depends on it.”