Rep. Hoydick on ‘Meet the Leaders’

Rep. Laura Hoydick sat down with host David Smith as the 2017 session wound to a close for this edition of ‘Meet the Leaders.’

Stratford Legislators Usher Critical Affordable Housing Measure Through House

Stratford’s legislative delegation, including State Representatives Laura Hoydick (R-120), Ben McGorty (R-122), and Joe Gresko (D-121) helped usher through critical affordable housing legislation during a late evening session of the House of Representatives Tuesday evening, aimed at easing the ability of Stratford and other communities to gain exemptions from certain affordable housing requirements under the states 8-30g statutory requirements.

“Communities that are working toward achieving the required affordable housing stock are, ironically, sometimes hampered in achieving that goal by these very 8-30g provisions,” said Rep. Hoydick.  “Here in Stratford we are making serious, good-faith attempts to develop the requisite affordable housing stock, and the compromise of local authority and exposure to legal challenges that the current law provides assures our town will spend more time dealing with those challenges than implementing a workable solution.  We need to balance our affordable housing goals with the need for assuring that responsible growth takes place in Stratford.” Read More →

Hoydick Renews Push for Increased Collection of Past-Due Child Support

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During an evening session of the State House of Representatives, State Representative Laura Hoydick (R-120) renewed her drive to pass a measure she has reintroduced that would improve Connecticut’s collection rate for past-due child support payments.

The bill, HB 7195, An Act Implementing Recommendations of the Task Force to Study Methods for Improving the Collection of Past Due Child Support, is the product of work from the task force it is named for.  Rep. Hoydick served on that task force panel back in 2013, working to craft the policy recommendations it contains. Legislation she crafted made it through the House and to the State Senate last year, but died when the Senate failed to act on it before adjournment.

“Child support is an essential piece of the financial picture for those who depend on it to make ends meet for their children,” said Rep. Hoydick.  “Yet, Connecticut continues to have a very poor record when it comes to the collection of delinquent child support, particularly in comparison to other states.  It boils down to Connecticut being behind in policy practices, as well as critical technology that could facilitate better collection rates.  The Task Force identified a number of key areas where dramatic improvements can be made to make these efforts more successful, and help the families that depend on child support.  I am pleased the Department of Social Services is initiating a feasibility study to determine what technology improvements should be made to enhance our 30-year-old antiquated operating system.” Read More →

Hoydick, Stratford Legislators Stand Up for Stratford Aviation Students

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State Representatives Laura Hoydick (R-Stratford), Ben McGorty (R-Stratford) and Joe Gresko (D-Stratford) hailed House passage of legislation to increase access to financial aid for students at the state’s aviation maintenance programs including the Stratford Aviation School.

“This measure is critical to the aviation careers that are essential to our region,” said Rep. Hoydick.  “The budget cuts and resulting tuition increases have caused a significant drop-off in enrollment at these aviation schools.  By moving them into the state’s  postsecondary educational programs within the technical high school system, as they are only open to high school graduates, the students will be eligible for grants and financial aid that they currently can’t get.” Read More →

Hoydick, McGorty and Gresko Recognize Stratford EMS Personnel at Capitol Ceremony

Photo: L-R: Rep. Laura Hoydick, Erin Smith of Stratford EMS, Rep. Ben McGorty and Rep. Joe Gresko.

National EMS Week began this week around the country and on Monday at a ceremony held in the State Capitol, State Representatives Laura Hoydick (R-120), Ben McGorty (R-122) and Joe Gresko (D-121) took part in honoring the dedicated EMS personnel across the state, including two remarkable recipients from Stratford.

Erin Smith of Stratford EMS received the Distinguished Achievement Award, and Helen “Bunnie” McQuilton of Stratford EMS, who could not attend today’s ceremony, was awarded the Gillooly-Lawton Award. Read More →