Reps. Hoydick, McGorty Continue Push for Veto Override


House Speaker’s Attempt to Kill Bipartisan Budget Fails- For Now

HARTFORD – In a hastily called special session of the State House of Representatives convened with less than one day’s notice, State Representatives Laura Hoydick (R-120) and Ben McGorty (R-122) criticized House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz (D-Berlin) for his attempt to kill the bipartisan budget passed by the legislature in September, but vetoed by Governor Malloy. Firmly aware that there would not be the necessary 101 votes to override the veto, the session was called by the Speaker to quickly defeat the bipartisan budget – but that’s not how it played out.

House rules require the bill to be recalled by a member on the prevailing side of the bill, and none who voted in favor of the budget called the bill to assure its defeat.  The Stratford legislators joined with supporters of the bipartisan budget, both Republicans and Democrats, in preventing action from being taken, thwarting the Speaker’s attempt to kill the budget bill.  Having not taken action on it, the budget remains on the table, though both Stratford legislators recognize that getting an additional 24 Democrats to support the budget is a tall task. Read More →

Hoydick Votes for No-Tax-Increase Budget


Rep. Laura Hoydick talks with Rep. Brenda Kupchick of Fairfield in a meeting of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee ahead of the budget vote.

Republican budget finally called in House – Passes with bipartisan vote

HARTFORD – State Representatives Laura Hoydick (R-120) was in Hartford today for a second day in a row to vote on a biennial budget for the State of Connecticut.  Last evening the House failed to go in to take up a Democratic budget that had been negotiated with Governor Malloy.  Earlier today, the State Senate passed the House and Senate Republican budget with a surprise bipartisan vote including three Democrats.

The Republican budget moved to the State House of Representatives where five Democrats joined all 72 Republicans to pass the GOP No-Tax-Increase budget 77-74.

“The budget vote tonight represents a critical turning point for the state,” said Rep. Hoydick.  “This vote is a recognition that more of the same higher taxes and increased spending won’t do the job.  Our budget, which does not raise taxes while preserving essential services and restoring cuts made by the governor to education in our towns, puts us on a course toward long term structural changes that are necessary to reverse the state’s failed fiscal direction.  I hope Governor Malloy will sign this budget, end this fiscal crisis and help us move the state forward.” Read More →

Hoydick and McGorty Blast Malloy for Education Funding Hit to Stratford


State Representatives Laura Hoydick (R-120) and Ben McGorty (R-122) blasted Governor Malloy for his announcement today that he would slash education funding to 139 municipalities across the state including Stratford.  Under the governor’s new plan, Stratford would lose all of its Education Cost Sharing (ECS) funding for FY 18 – a whopping $21.46 million hit which is equal to 5 mills on the tax rate.


“The total elimination of all state Education Cost Sharing funding to Stratford is nothing less than a disgraceful abdication of leadership,” said Rep. Hoydick.  “I understand that the governor has to make cuts because the Democrats in the majority wouldn’t act on the GOP budget, and still haven’t produced a budget of their own two months into the new fiscal year.  The governor is trying to make towns pay for his fiscal mismanagement of the state and slashing all ECS funding to the Stratford school system is unacceptable. The proper education of children in Stratford should be a priority, not a disposable line item to terminate.” Read More →



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The vision of Carole Adzima, Executive Director of Perry House in Stratford, to create a new program focusing on helping high schoolers develop critical leadership skills had wide support, but the plan needed some help to make it happen.  That’s when she turned to Stratford State Representative Laura Hoydick (R-120), who helped form a partnership with Stratford Community Services and Sterling House, and helped land a critical $10,000 grant from AT&T to get the program off the ground.

“At Perry House we have been doing programs for 3rd-5th graders since our inception in 2004,” said Adzima.  “I have been thinking of a program for many years for helping high schoolers develop leadership skills they will need in college and beyond, but to make it successful, I knew we would need some partners.  That’s when I turned to State Representative Laura Hoydick.  She thought it was a great idea, and we brought in Sterling House and Stratford Community Services.” Read More →

Hoydick Joins with ‘Save the Sound’ to announce new Soundkeeper Bill Lucey


State Representative Laura Hoydick joined the Save the Sound alliance in announcing the new Soundkeeper, Bill Lucey, at Brewers Stratford Marina yesterday. Bill will continue the legacy of Terry Backer, our founding Soundkeeper, in preserving, protecting and restoring Long Island Sound. You can help that effort by visiting

L-R: Rep. Joe Gresko, New Soundkeeper Bill Lucey, Rep. Laura Hoydick, and Rep. Ben McGorty.