Hoydick and McGorty Blast Malloy for Education Funding Hit to Stratford


State Representatives Laura Hoydick (R-120) and Ben McGorty (R-122) blasted Governor Malloy for his announcement today that he would slash education funding to 139 municipalities across the state including Stratford.  Under the governor’s new plan, Stratford would lose all of its Education Cost Sharing (ECS) funding for FY 18 – a whopping $21.46 million hit which is equal to 5 mills on the tax rate.


“The total elimination of all state Education Cost Sharing funding to Stratford is nothing less than a disgraceful abdication of leadership,” said Rep. Hoydick.  “I understand that the governor has to make cuts because the Democrats in the majority wouldn’t act on the GOP budget, and still haven’t produced a budget of their own two months into the new fiscal year.  The governor is trying to make towns pay for his fiscal mismanagement of the state and slashing all ECS funding to the Stratford school system is unacceptable. The proper education of children in Stratford should be a priority, not a disposable line item to terminate.”


“This is the consequences of the governor and majority party to agree on a budget after dismissing ours out of hand,” said Rep. McGorty.  “Now they have stooped to punishing our local school districts and making students pay the price.  This is a massive failure on all fronts, and students, teachers, parents and taxpayers should be rightfully outraged by the governor’s actions today.”


The legislators noted that had any of the budget proposals put forward by legislative Republicans since April been adopted, ECS funding to municipalities would have been preserved without raising taxes, and this cut to Stratford’s education funding would have been unnecessary.