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Whitby Students Enjoy Visit from State Rep Livvy Floren on Read Aloud Day


From The Greenwich Free Press. For the full article, click here.

The entire Whitby School community celebrated read aloud day on Wednesday, with special visits to the school’s Lake Avenue campus from State Rep Livvy Floren, Greenwich Fire Marshal Sean O’Donnell, Greenwich Police officer Yolanda Greenhall and former Stamford Mayor Pavia.

Mrs. Floren brought along a book called My Teacher for President. and introduced it by asking the children whether they were aware a presidential election is in the making, and whether they’d heard the names Sanders, Cruz and Trump.

presidential electionThe children, albeit just first and second graders, were quite aware, and, in fact, had some opinions formed!

With that, Mrs. Floren jumped into the book, written from the point of view of a young child recommending their teacher for president of the United States.

“My teacher loves white houses. My teacher is used to being followed around everywhere. When my teacher walks into a room, people pay attention. …She deals with media attention every day.”

After reading the book to the eager children, Mrs. Floren donated the book to the school library and even gave out Livvy Floren pencils to everyone.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.03.27 PM

First and second graders in the classes of Samantha Clark, Amanda Lavoie, Danielle Britt and Jessica Pittman.

Livvy Floren at Whitby School

With her grand children on Read Aloud Day, State Rep Livvy Floren with her daughter Jenny Floren Sozzi enjoy Read Aloud Day. Mrs. Floren read “My Teacher for President” to Whitby School students, Feb 24, 2016 Credit: Leslie Yager

Livvy Floren

With her grand children on Read Aloud Day, State Rep Livvy Floren with her daughter Jenny Floren Sozzi enjoy Read Aloud Day. Mrs. Floren read “My Teacher for President” to Whitby School students, Feb 24, 2016 Credit: Leslie Yager

Greenwich Delegation to Host Professional Development Scholarship Information Session


Hartford- State Representatives Livvy Floren (R-149), Mike Bocchino (R-150), and Fred Camillo (R-151) and State Senator Scott Frantz (R-36) will host a Professional Development Scholarship Information session with Sen. Scott Frantz on Monday, February 29th in the Cone Room at Greenwich Town Hall. 

When: Monday, February 29th, 2016

Where: Cone Room, Greenwich Town Hall

Time: 2:00-3:30 PM

Intended Audience: Unemployed and Underemployed CT Residents and CT Veterans

The Workforce Investment Board is accepting applications for $2,846 in professional development scholarships. This funding may be used for Information Technology, Project Management, and Office Productivity certification and credentialing.

The Connecticut Office of Higher Education/State Approving Agency has approved Project Management Certification for Veterans and other eligible (applicants defined by the) U.S. Department of Veterans under the provisions of Title 38 Section 3675, United States Code of Federal Regulations for Veterans programs.

The UConn Stamford Campus is facilitating both programs through UConn’s School of Business at the Connecticut Information Technology Institute.

This information session will provide the necessary applications, information to apply, and participation standards in these valuable programs.

Rep. Floren Advocates for Community Health Center


Hartford– Rep. Livvy Floren thanked the Governor and the legislature’s bonding committee for their allocation of bonding funds for a community health center in Stamford.


Rep. Floren Participates in School Construction Meeting


Hartford– Rep. Livvy Floren (R-149) was selected to be part of the legislature’s school construction committee. On January 28th, she participated in the first of a series of meetings.


Rep. Floren Appears on Meet the Leaders


Hartford-State Representative Livvy Floren appeared on Cablevision’s “Meet the Leaders” on the opening day of session, February 3rd. During her interview with David Smith, Rep. Floren stated that cuts must be made while continuing to provide a safety net for the state’s neediest and she hopes the transportation lock box plan is put before voters this fall. To view the interview, click here.

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Greenwich Delegation Ushers in 2016 Legislative Session


Hartford- State Representatives Livvy Floren (R-149), Mike Bocchino (R-150), and Fred Camillo (R-151) joined their fellow legislators for the start of the 2016 Legislative Session today at the State Capitol. They then participated in a Joint Convention as Governor Malloy delivered his State of State address.

The Opening Day ceremonies mark the beginning of a three-month-long “short session,” during which only bills related to budgetary, revenue and financial matters may be considered, or bills submitted by committees on any subject.

One of the most pressing issues facing the General Assembly is making adjustments to the state’s biennial budget. After a budget fix during the December special session, there is still a projected shortfall of over $507 million, and an out year deficit of over $4 billion.

On Monday, House and Senate Republicans released their budget priorities for the 2016 session, which include:

  • Implementing long-term structural changes to restore sustainability and predictability to the budget
  • Implementing the Republican “Prioritize Progress” transportation plan to fund and protect transportation dollars without tolls or tax increases
  • Dealing with the fiscal year 2017 budget deficit during the upcoming legislative session

Rep. Camillo will continue to serve as Ranking Member of the legislature’s Commerce Committee. He will also continue to serve on the legislature’s Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee and Banks Committee.

“For several years, the Connecticut House Republicans have advocated for long-term solutions to the persisting, yearly deficits our state has been experiencing. Today, that battle was joined by Governor Malloy. I was pleased to hear him address the seriously flawed way we craft budgets and his pledge to make the tough, strategic, and dauntless decisions needed to right the ship of state. While we await the details of his plan, we stand ready to collaborate with him, and our friends and colleagues across the aisle to move Connecticut forward and establish the Nutmeg State as a place to live, work, and do business in,” said Rep. Camillo.

Rep. Bocchino will remain on the Energy and Technology Committee, Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee, and Children Committee.

“I was happy to hear that some of the budget principles my fellow colleagues and I have put forth over the past year are finally be taken seriously. I hope that by the end of this session we will come to a conclusion that will not only put us back on track, but will hopefully make the state economically viable once again,” said Rep. Bocchino.

Rep. Floren will serve her eighth year as Ranking Member of the legislature’s General Bonding Sub-Committee. She will also serve on the legislature’s Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee and Insurance Committee.

“I was happy to hear that the Governor would like to adopt some of the budget principles that we have put forward in the past. I hope to work in a bipartisan way with my colleagues to get the state back on the track to fiscal sustainability,” said Rep. Floren.

The 2016 Legislative Session will adjourn May 4th.