Tax Free Week August 2018

Posted on August 7, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


As summer draws to a close and back-to-school shopping starts, I wanted to remind you that “Tax Free Week” is coming up, beginning Sunday, August 19 and ending Saturday, August 25.

This one-week event eliminates Connecticut’s 6.35 percent sales tax on clothing and footwear costing less than $100. Please note: This benefit has been substantially reduced from previous years.



Posted on August 3, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


Photo: Shawna Hudak, Barbara Herkimer, State Rep. Jay Case, and Angela Ambrozaitis

WINSTED – Barbara Herkimer was recognized today for her 24 years of service to the Winsted Day Program. State Representative Jay Case (R-Winsted) attended the ceremony in order to present an official Legislative Citation to Ms. Herkimer to mark the momentous occasion. The Winsted Day Program partners with five different state agencies to provide a daily work place for those within the intellectually and developmentally disabled community.

Rep. Case said, “I am incredibly appreciative and proud of the work Barbara has done throughout her career. Many people do not think of the support structure that goes into making the quality of life for those within the I/DD community better. Barbara made it her life’s work to make an impact on these individuals and our community, I thank her for her years of quality service. I wish her well in her retirement.”


Case Speaks at ECAD Graduation

Posted on July 26, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


Winsted – State Representative Jay Case (R-Winsted) spoke at the Ribbon Cutting and Inaugural Graduation at Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities (ECAD) held on Wednesday, July 25th. ECAD’s mission is to train service dogs to help those living with disabilities. The first graduating class out of their Winsted facility included 7 canines.

“The work that this organization does for those diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities is integral to deliver life improving services to them and true companionship. ECAD will make a positive impact on our community and will serve residents across the entire state. I commend them for their efforts to this point and have full confidence that they will be successful for years to come,” stated Rep. Case.


FuelCell Expands Operations and Employment Options in Torrington

Posted on July 18, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


TORRINGTON – State Representatives Jay Case (R-Winsted) and Brian Ohler (R-Canaan) participated in a press conference today for FuelCell’s announcement of the company’s expansion and immediate hiring opportunities.

According to both Case and Ohler, FuelCell has been integral to the state’s overall comprehensive energy plan. The state awarded the company a contract that will allow them to double the wattage output of the Torrington plant, from the current 25 megawatts to 55 megawatts.

Rep. Case said, “There will be a positive impact on our environment and local economy as a result of FuelCell adding employment opportunities to its Torrington location. This provides incentive for private-sector industries to create clean energy, which is obviously welcomed and needed here in Connecticut’s Northwest Corner in terms of sustainability. Additionally, adding over 100 positions in Torrington creates a more stable fiscal environment that will help other businesses in the area prosper. I look forward to the work FuelCell will be doing here in our district.”

The addition of the positions at FuelCell helps create a more stable local fiscal environment and also mean even more job openings at various suppliers, such as Torrington’s Binding Source LLC.


Case Earns 100% Voting Record

Posted on June 29, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


HARTFORD – State Representative Jay Case (R-63) was informed today that he had officially earned a one hundred percent voting record for the 2018 regular and special sessions. Since Case was elected in 2012, he has not missed a vote on the floor.

“To make sure the Northwest Corner has a voice in Hartford it is important that I vote every time I have the opportunity to. I am proud to the residents of Colebrook, Goshen, Winchester and Torrington that I took part in all 317 roll call votes that were held in the House of Representatives in 2018,” explained Case. “I also want to thank all of you who wrote, called, or e-mailed me with your legislative concerns. Everyone’s opinion matters to me and I take that into consideration before casting any vote on the floor.”


Goshen Legislators, Local Officials Address Traffic Circle Improvements

Posted on May 31, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


GOSHENState Representatives Jay Case (R-Winsted), Brian Ohler (R-Canaan), and State Senator Craig Miner (R-Litchfield) recently met with Goshen First Selectman, Bob Valentine, and representatives from the Department of Transportation (DOT) to discuss improvements to the traffic circle where Routes 4 and 63 intersect. Such improvements include additional signage and updated graphics to existing sign locations leading to the traffic circle in order to clearly indicate the intended flow of traffic.

According to First Selectman Valentine, the traffic circle permit was approved by the state back in 1931. However, nearly a century later, the volume of present day traffic that passes through the traffic circle does not mirror the flow of traffic that it had originally been constructed for.

“Currently, the number of signs in the traffic circle is less than what was placed there in 1931. Installing additional signs in the circle, as well as adding updated signs leading into the circle, will help the motoring public understand how to navigate it and make it safer,” Valentine said.

“Despite the fact Goshen is a smaller town, there are many community events hosted here that draw large crowds and it is important that our state roads are safe enough to handle the influx of visitors to the Northwest Corner. There have been several avoidable incidences around the traffic circle in recent years and its common-sense to update existing signs and add markings to help drivers understand the traffic patterns within the circle,” stated Rep. Case.