Northwest Area Legislators Address Renters Rebate Program


HARTFORD – State Representative Jay Case (R-63) and Brian Ohler (R-64) voted on a provision to add funding the elderly and disabled Renters Rebate Program at the State Capitol on Wednesday afternoon.

“It is too late in the year to be cutting vital services to elderly and disabled renters in our communities,” explained Rep. Case. “I have had several conversations with concerned constituents about their ability to continue to remain in their rented apartment or home. A fix was made, and as a result the Office of Policy and Management will continue to administer the program and issue checks to those who have qualified.”

According to Case, checks will be issued at the end of the current month.

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Case, Ohler Report Torrington DSS Office to Remain Open


HARTFORD – State Representatives Jay Case and Brian Ohler reported on Tuesday, November 8, that the Department of Social Services (DSS) office in Torrington will remain open. There had been prior discussions of the office closing, especially in light of the state’s budget situation, but state funding has been allocated to keep the office running.

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Case, Ohler: State Budget Clears Legislature Again


HARTFORD – The Connecticut State Legislature has approved a budget that will reverse the governor’s cuts to education funding in the Northwest corner and restores the majority of municipal aid. The budget was approved in the House of Representatives by a final tally of 126-23 on Thursday afternoon.

The version of the budget that was passed most recently retained several of the structural changes within the original document that cleared both chambers last month. Of these changes, a state spending cap and a state bonding cap were imposed to limit the amount of government spending.

Rep. Case stated, “I cannot stress enough how important it was the both sides of the aisle came together and worked on a final version of this budget. It was a frustrating process, but today we took a step forward for the financial well-being of the state of Connecticut. As a result of a bipartisan effort, the education funding in the Northwest Corner will not be cut.”

Rep. Ohler said, “This budget was the result of an 11 month long battle of back and forth deliberations. We were finally able to enact strong structural reforms, hold town and school funding harmless, while also providing towns with some much needed mandate relief. These items alone will ensure that local mill rate increases remain idle or even reduced. I look forward to returning to Hartford in the coming weeks and putting my nose back to the grindstone, along with my leadership and colleagues, because while we may have stabilized the biennium, we must work harder than ever to stabilize our children’s future.”

The legislators went on to mention that the bipartisan budget passed on Thursday protects funding for core social services and programs. These services and programs are intended to improve the quality of life for our most vulnerable populations. It fully funds day and employment services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It also protects funding for mental health and substance abuse treatment programs.

With overwhelming support for the budget in the State Senate, there are enough votes to override a veto, even if the governor tries another attempt at denying the state a budget.