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Where is the Majority?


To the Editor,

Frustration does not even begin to describe how I feel about the current status of the budget process. Currently, we are waiting for the majority party to call us back into session in order for the House to take action.

Last week, we were blindsided by a short-noticed veto override session. The deck was so heavily stacked against the possibility of an override that it became obvious that calling the session was clearly an act of political theatrics. If it were not, then the legislative majority would have been prepared to offer an alternative budget option in lieu of the override. That did not happen. Read More

Letter to Editor: Legislative Majority Mocks Budget Process


To the Editor,

At a time when we should be coming together and making progress toward creating a balanced budget – one that moves Connecticut forward – the legislative majority continues to demonstrate that they are not fit to lead.

On Tuesday, the House was called into session, hastily, by the Speaker and Majority Leader. Usually, when sessions are convened, members of both parties are provided with an agenda in terms of what the business of the day will be. This did not occur.

In order to override a veto, the House must have 101 votes in the affirmative. The legislative majority party leadership was aware that several members within their caucus, that had previously supported the budget that was sent to the governor, could not physically make the session. It should also be noted, Tuesday’s session was called with less than a 24-hour notice, which is simply not enough time.

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Case Issues Statement on Budget Veto


“It is disappointing that the governor has decided to hold our cities and towns in the Northwest Corner responsible for the inadequacies of state government. By vetoing the bi-partisan budget, the governor is rubber stamping continued wasteful spending, poor fiscal policies, and a general lack of understanding for the needs of the residents of Connecticut. This veto demolishes education funding to our most vulnerable population, our children. It leaves Connecticut without a budget, but I will continue to fight for common sense policies that do not rely on tax increases, or picking winners and losers, to close the deficit. Now that we are back to the drawing board, I will commit to work towards a balanced budget that streamlines government and one that equitably funds its core functions – such as life sustaining services, education, and programs for our intellectual and developmentally disabled population.”

State Representative

Jay Case, 64th District 


Sign the petition to override here.