Bolinsky Reacts to Budget Veto

Posted on September 28, 2017 by Greg MacKinnon


HARTFORD – On Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017, Governor Malloy delivered on his threat and vetoed the state budget passed by both Houses of the state legislature, in a historic show of bipartisan support. Rep. Mitch Bolinsky (R-Newtown) today expressed disappointment, but no surprise, along with his determination to get back to the business of saving the approved budget or moving forward on a compromise budget that implements the structural changes necessary to put Connecticut on a path to permanent economic recovery for all residents, businesses and communities.

“It’s disappointing that the Governor thinks it’s a good idea to hold well-run cities and towns responsible for deficits created by the fiscal mismanagement of our state government.” said Bolinsky. “By vetoing the bi-partisan budget, the governor is rubber stamping the continuation of wasteful spending and bad fiscal policy. He’s chosen projects over people. Consider the choice to pour $140-million into an aging XL Center versus funding my town’s schools, roads and safety net services for our state’s and Newtown’s at-risk populations. He picks institutional winners and losers by cutting reimbursement to nonprofit providers of developmental services, transitional and work programs, community mental health agencies, plus a host of other critical core social services. I think it’s pretty heartless.”

Bolinsky explained, “The budget Governor Malloy vetoed today is not perfect but it is a very good start to stimulate a much needed turnaround of Connecticut. It is forward-thinking and restores educational and municipal cost sharing dollars to 85 suburban communities, most notably Newtown, for the people I represent. Furthermore, it restores or enhances core functions of government and safety net services, while also shielding taxpayers from $1.5-Biillion in new taxes.”

The legislature is expected to spend the next couple weeks lobbying support for an override of today’s veto by the Governor and then, hold an override session on October 10, 2017. Municipal representatives were at the Capitol today helping round-up support for the override as well. Likewise, social service and nonprofit groups are expected to join the cause. Every Connecticut resident can weigh-in too, by participating in a petition drive at: This link also connects stakeholders to details about the bipartisan budget, the veto and the process for its potential override.

Bolinsky concluded, “You simply can’t make this stuff up…but we can fight it. I choose to fight because allowing the Governor’s veto to go unchallenged implements the nasty cuts declared in his executive order. Having no budget is not a viable alternative and fails every taxpaying citizen of our state. We deserve better. I urge everyone to check out the details of our bipartisan budget and e-sign the petition telling lawmakers to get back to the table and work together to override Malloy’s veto and pass a responsible budget.”