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Rep. Siegrist Comments on Gov. Malloy’s Unilateral Decision to Study Tolls

Posted on July 18, 2018 by admin


“Governor Malloy’s announcement to borrow $10 million dollars to study tolls is a slap on the face to the people of this state, many of whom did not want tolls to begin with. The concept of implementing tolls did not even make its way out of the legislative process during the 2018 session, yet Governor Malloy felt that he could just bypass the legislature to carry out his own initiatives. This is another example of Governor Malloy’s disregard for the taxpayers of this state, which are already struggling to make ends meet. The implementation of tolls will not eradicate all of our problems, we need to spend less and prioritize the funds that we already have in order for that to happen. With only five months left in office, Governor Malloy is spending money that this state does not have to study what we have already determined – tolls will cost the taxpayers of this state more money. Instead of proposing studies, Governor Malloy should be cutting costs. This tax and spend mentality needs to end.”