Case Meets with Winsted Seniors


WINSTED – State Representative Jay Case (R-63) met with several senior residents at the Winsted Senior Center on Thursday afternoon to discuss the 2017 Legislative Session and the current status of the state budget.

“I wish I had more good news to bring, but the reality is there is a massive budget deficit that must be addressed. Through all the work the legislature put in this session, a budget was not even brought out for a vote,” explained Case.

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CASE: Vote on Republican Budget Proposal


HARTFORD – State Representative Jay Case (R-63) has expressed great disappointment after learning that there will be no legislative session prior to the end of the fiscal year to vote on a budget.

“We are charged as a legislative body to pass a two-year budget before the close of the fiscal year. It simply did not happen, which is an extreme failure on the part of the majority party,” explained Case.

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CASE: Transportation Lockbox Fails to Lock


HARTFORD – State Representative Jay Case (R-63) voted in strong opposition to a House Resolution that would implement a lockbox on the Special Transpiration Fund (STF).

“This is a false lockbox because it does not effectively lock-in the funds that are funneled to it. The reality is, a similar measure was considered in December of 2015. That very day, the majority party swept $35 million from the fund, for services and programs that were not related to transportation projects, to close a prior deficit,” explained Rep. Case.

Under current law, the STF is designed to fund state highway and public transportation projects. According to Case the STF has historically been raided by previous legislatures in order to fill budget gaps, which has only expedited the disrepair of many Connecticut roads and bridges in the Northwest Corner.

“In light of the budget shortfall, I am supportive of dedicating certain dollars to be earmarked for transportation projects. I have hosted the Commissioner of the Department of Transportation in my district to show him how critical the funding is to some of these projects. However, I cannot support a measure, which amends the Constitution of Connecticut and clearly has false intent,” concluded Case.

The House Resolution was passed on a party-line vote. It must be acted upon by the Senate prior to midnight tomorrow to continue in the legislative process.